Would someone please give him a comb 

to smooth his hair

Or perhaps a visit to the barber's chair

to give his rumpled mess a touch of flair

Could he be schooled in the manners of

a Statesmen like dignity?

And given an injection which induces

some much needed integrity

To lead our nation we would all appreciate

people who exude at least some sartorial grace

And not put together as if preparing

for a marathon race

I often look at the six hundred plus

and wonder if they really represent us

They look so dishevelled and badly behaved

out of a population of sixty six million are they the best

that can be raised?

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 17th Jan 2022 15:13

I bet the poor man's labour party, currently lead by Sir Starmer are delighted that there is a pandemic and partygate and Joke-vic all over the press at the minute! They haven't actually done or said anything useful since he took over. Bring on the next election. Let's see what they've got to say then!

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Greg Freeman

Sun 16th Jan 2022 18:12

If the anti-Brexit forces always thought of him as a chancer who didn't even particularly believe in Brexit - and certainly didn't understand its ramifications - you can hardly blame them for attacking him now, MC. And if even Brexiters now accept that he is a habitual, if not compulsive liar, isn't it time to confront the awful thought - that he must have lied about Brexit, too? Your wider point, Keith, is bang-on. Those swivel-eyed MPs in the Commons with their bizarre hairdos and wigs in no sense represent their country. It's more like peeping at the inmates of Bedlam every Wednesday lunchtime at PMQs.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 16th Jan 2022 16:03

I tend to equate persistent untidy hair with an untidy mind.
As for integrity (or lack of), there have been others. Lloyd-George
comes readily to mind for a start. A carefully considered "reading" of the public mood seems to have deserted Bojo after
the success of Brexit and his subsequent dilly-dallying across
the spectrum of political action appears to reinforce this perception. But it's
been pointed out - perhaps with some validity - that the anti-Brexit forces
have been particularly evident in the
ongoing attacks on him; the opportunity too good to pass up.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 16th Jan 2022 15:09

Thanks, Keith. I suppose the scruffy look was part of his sthick, but it's wearing pretty thin these days.

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