Alliance of parties

How to resolve issues in countries where there are several parties claiming their right to rule?

the answer is, through friendly alliance. 


what is friendly alliance? 

friendly alliance means that all the parties representing a certain section of the society should form a friendly alliance to peacefully co-exist. For this the head of each party should know his area of rule. The party representing each section should be given the area where their people are living. This ways there will be a friendly alliance between the parties.


there should be group of people from each section to form a representative body at the national level to see that the work is being done for the social benefit and not for anyone's personal benefit. It should be a permanent body for a term of 5 years and from among these should be an elected head for the term period. The head can be impeached and can be removed in case of charges being proved against them. Once the elected head has completed his/her term of 5 years, they retire permanently and can't be a member of the group anymore.



The development of masses should be the priority of the government. No personal benefits should be encouraged.

I. The countries that have faced severe damage and destruction, the citizens of such countries first and foremost require immediate medical and psychological help. For which the government can do the following:

1. Setting up of free of cost permanent health camps to ensure the well being of each and every citizen. This includes medical as well as psychological well-being.

2. Providing free of cost medicines and aid.

3. Provision of clean drinking water.

4. Providing clean environment.

5. Providing free meals to those who can't afford.

6. Providing safe and clean free living space to those who are homeless.

7. Regular updates and consecutive checkups should be done inorder to ensure complete recovery of each individual.


II. Providing employment to each individual according to their skills, education, interest and talent above the age of 16 years. Even children below 16 years should have some work according to their ability, strength, capability, interest and safety inorder to earn and develop skills.

III. Free and compulsory education to girls, women, old and poor. The state should bear the total cost of education for them. This should be free from primary till professional education level. Untill they are eligible to get a good job.

IV. Providing decent home to homeless citizens and also providing them food and clothing. For this the government can employ these homeless in various jobs according to their education, skills, interest and ability.


The government should ensure 100% employment, literacy and health of each citizen.




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