With every fall, my soul did rise!!!

With every fall in life the soul did rise

The heights attained of everlasting bliss

To reside in the house of lord the creator

The soul to convene its holy endeavor

With every prick in life the heart did soften

Crying sorrows of pain suffered by others

Beautifying the soul and making it gentle

Achieving the tasks of a monk in a temple

With every whip the body grew stronger

Pain to flow with blood dripping wound

Healing the injuries with balm eternal

Anointing the soul to everlasting bliss

With every harm came a happy ending

Leaving smiles born within glorious depths

Of mind, heart and soul that ever exist

Into pastures of heaven a peaceful bliss

With every fall my soul did rise

With every fall my soul did rise..................................!!!!!!

◄ White Friday (day of noor)

Aazaad Titli ►


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John Botterill

Tue 4th Jan 2022 20:18

Beautiful language and a powerful, pertinent message, Ghazala. Thank you.

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