102. Poem

Life is fun

life is worth a run 

Let's do the chase 

Finding a holy place 

An Altar to lay 

All sorrows and pain 

A dias to choose 

To sing happy songs 


Life is comedy 

Life is tragedy 

It's everything that we make 

Sometimes sad, sometimes happy 

Both like a Rose to stay 

With lovely petals and thorns to prick 


Life isn't a battle 

Life isn't a struggle 

It's a balancing game 

Where each day is unique 

Lessons we learn and chapters to end

Writing autobiography great 

To read it all towards the end someday 


Life is great 

Life is good 

It's meant to celebrate 

Giving our loved ones 

Our very best version 

Always smiling and satisfied 

No matter what we receive during sunset




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Wed 26th Jan 2022 23:22

Good advice. Thank you Nigel.🌷

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Nigel Astell

Wed 26th Jan 2022 02:16

Jump on
don't ever
get off
laughter and tears
forge a path
life will travel.

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