The Winter's Sun

The Winter's Sun


What a morning and with such light

as if I had torn up an old canvass

and chosen the brightest and lightest

of paints, to begin afresh and create anew


These few wintry days of radiant blue skies

with a frost underfoot and a brisk feel in the air.

The frosted grass glistens in the sun 

as the trees stretch their branches in



This day is a gift of immense power and beauty

one which banishes the darkness of winter

and breathes a new air into our daunted souls

O happy day! We are not forgotten or abandoned

but renewed and strengthened

as Spring waits around the corner 

with the hope of resurrection

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Jason Phillips

Wed 9th Mar 2022 23:43

Hi Keith,

My mind saw this as a movie, I could hear the soft crunch of the frost, and I squinted when I saw the sun.

I love this poem, and it was very pleasing to read. Imagery is my favorite of all things, because it allows you view the picture/movie that a literary artist has painted for you.

Thanks Keith!

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 18th Jan 2022 08:14

A lovely, optmistic poem, Keith, and the perfect antidote to all the 'Blue Monday' hype!

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John Botterill

Mon 17th Jan 2022 14:29

Describes today exactly and poetically, Keith.. 😀

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Mon 17th Jan 2022 13:07

A very enjoyable poem Keith, fingers crossed for an early Spring!

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