Savant syndrome

"This tenderness comes as a surprise
Drinking where the riverbed was dry
Trees in the wind trembling with love."
Sam Beam
Mountains, quarries and surf lagoons: adventures in North Wales - Lonely  Planet
Mabinogion -  idiot savants
Sent the hot wind of endurance
To inflame those who saw
Seas, skies, mountains, people 
Yearning to drive out  the barbarian 
The plain-faced Saesneg and return
To Arthur's court all the delights
Of celtic culture. Building a line
Of fires across the hills, hiding
The bog p
oets extraordinarily gifted 
Idiot savants rippled into
That invasion of sensibility,
Signs signified could not change:
Mountains, seas, people, skies.
And thus gave the lie to human
Power. Idiot savants invested
Landscapes with meaning, scarred
By war 
the druid reborn in a new
Age. Medieval savants built a ladder
To the stars; so modern cosmology spread
The wisps of understanding far into
The heavens. Time and tide and femininity;
A cycle that links the moon, lunacy, fertility
Outside of the straight lines of male rationality.
The goddess, reborn in fire, earth, water, air,
Leaves upon a tree tell a tale of you and me
Alive, today, beneath this swirling, darkening sky.

◄ St Sophia's cathedral, Constantinople

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