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Nostalgia is:

Lingering in a warm bath of memories

Feeling the past slowly trickle back into the soul

Arriving at a place inhabited by those,

Whom fate has decreed, to have become strangers

Revisiting what is normally out of time, out of reach

Luxuriating in the nearness and warmth of remembered love  


Nostalgia is family, wrapped in soft shades of familiarity

A blanket to wear, a cushion, softening the sadness

Bringing comfort, where before there was longing

Nostalgia is powerful, intense, can bring both pleasure and pain

Take care not to linger in its company for too long

Overfamiliarity can turn it into sadness and grief

The bath of nostalgia has no end


◄ By the Light of the Wolf Moon

Silence ►


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Brenda Wells

Sat 22nd Jan 2022 18:37

Thank you so much for your comments gentlemen, it means a great deal to me.
Thanks also to those who liked the post; writing in these times can feel a trifle isolated, your online support and company is excellent.

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 19th Jan 2022 07:44

This is a fascinating poem, Brenda. You give us a warning about wallowing too much in nostalgia, as well as describing its many attractions so beautifully.

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Stephen Atkinson

Tue 18th Jan 2022 22:37

Lovely, cosy stuff, Brenda. 🤗

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