Wild Birds

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So lucky to have wild birds 
feeding in my garden each day
They ambush all my senses
bring so much happiness my way 

The sight of colourful plumage
The sound of playful chatter
The flurry of fluttering wings
The feeding spitter spatter 

They fill my garden with life
and fill my heart and mind with joy 
To feed the birds is a pleasure 
that everyone can enjoy  

So grab yourself some bird food
and a simple feeding station 
Witness the wonder for yourself 
join in the celebration 

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

◄ Low Mist

Great Britain ►


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 13th Jan 2022 19:48

A very timely winter reminder of the creatures that share and
bring joy to our existence. How easy to give (provide) some
essential support to the daily lives of these fellow inhabitants
and be rewarded by their presence. As ye give, so shall ye receive. And what better exchange that that between ourselves
and the natural world? Mutual reward in the very best sense..👍

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