It was a bird who brought the news
Of the fall of our city.
Its impregnable walls breached
Its streets and palaces running
With Christian blood. 
You'd rather freeze than be conquered
I will freeze in another sea.
Another city will be better for me.
So many late-Roman artefacts smashed
The sultan prays east, not west
Our death sentence is written˙
and my heart is dead and buried.
This withering will last centuries
Until St Sophia's cathedral of Divine Wisdom
Is declared a mosque. .
Wherever I look, I see ruins.
Nothing good will come of this
Occupation, they want us gone. 
Genocide awaits us. 
And the west does nothing. 

Rescued at Last: Christian Villages in Syria Liberated from Daesh




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John Marks

Sun 23rd Jan 2022 11:22

Thank you Keith. Assyrian Christian refugees from Salafist and Whabbi persecution and genocide are given no welcome in the west. The Christians of the Orthodox East are under attack today from NATO member Turkey. We turn a blind eye. Shameful.

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keith jeffries

Sat 22nd Jan 2022 21:26

A profound poem which speaks of a bitter foretaste of days to come which I shudder to contemplate. "And the west does nothing" but to damn itself as it turns its head away from a noble Christian presence which has lasted longer than any of the cathedrals which dominate the skylines of western cities. "Its streets and palaces running with Christian blood" as it has in Aleppo and other places, is a stain on us which will never be washed away.
Thank you for this

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