The Wild

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With the golden eyes of a pharaoh –
This lioness extends her paw to me -
I am not deceived. I am just walking prey.
Her forebears brought down rhino –
Under the sweltering skies of the high veldt:
Lithe and supple, fleet of foot,
She covers this northern turf
With ceaseless leaps and bounds.
Her loyalty is only bounded by her pride,
Affiliation is to the death.
No treachery in her world of smell:
No subtleties of intent
No pretended pretence, 
No sins of commission nor of omission:
Just a wild unvarnished tale: A life, lived.


◄ And so she goes

O! hear the silence now ►


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keith jeffries

Sat 8th Jan 2022 22:37

How such a creature can live by their senses and in such freedom whereas we are confined by comparison. The animal kingdom might live by their instincts and of the stronger vanquishing the weak but are conditioned by ourselves to a life of constraint.
A truly pharaonic and noble creature. I love the illustration.
John, thank you for this

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