I am Human

Its survival of the fittest

They attack me in the heart space

Because they envy

How much this heart of mine can take

As I contine to move foward

You would never know

That I was heart broken

You could never walk in my shoes

I fixed myself with the love of the ancestors

This is the heart of the Lion

The intelligence of the Owl

The body of the Goddess

The covering of the Holy Spirit

The ase of the ones that came before me

The prescence of the Boss

I walk into the room and 

I intimidate you 

I dont' even have to open my mouth

Because you feel me

I don't even be noticing 

My own power

Im humble

You are afraid of me 

Hypnotized simutaneously

You haven't seen 

Strength like mine

Beauty like mine

Drive like mine

In your lifetime

But I'm still a person

I have feelings

Big ones

Everything about me is big

I yearn for understanding

For connection

For friends

For love

For family

I am human

Please remember that

I am sensitive 

I can overthink at times

I can worry

I can judge myself harshly

Please don't put me on a pedestle

I don't deserve to be on

You don't deserve me

I'm too pure for you

I can not just be

Please don't target me as the source of your problems

Please don't fear me

When I show you a part of yourself

You had sworn to forget and bury

Please don't give me so much power

Over your life

I don't want it

And I promise I'll do the same for you

If i ever hurt you

Im sorry

And I forgive you for hurting me

We are only reflections

Of eachother

Please forgive yourself

Love yourself

Hold yourself

As you cry yourself to sleep

At night

And please remember

Never forget

You are human too


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