Day Two Of Isolation

Day two of isolation 
my symptoms are not easing
Still feel like I have a cold
can’t stop myself from sneezing

I’m sniffling and snuffling
constantly blowing my nose
On the whole it’s not too bad 
as far as being ill goes 

I heard of other symptoms 
like a loss of taste and smell 
To not enjoy my food 
would be my idea of hell 

I think I am quite lucky
I think I’ve got it easy  
I don’t mind being a bit snuffly
sniffly and sneezy 

I’ll keep taking the tablets
to keep my headaches at bay 
I’m sure I will feel better
little by little, day by day 

I hope next Tuesday will be
a time for celebration 
The end of dry January
and my isolation

I hope I will not suffer 
the loss of my smell and taste
My first glass of red wine should be 
one to savour, not to waste 

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Ursula O'Reilly

Sat 29th Jan 2022 00:29

Get well soon!💐

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