The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within


Is freedom of speech alive and well

are we through free expression able to tell

Are we politically aware as we should be

through deception and corruption can we see

Are our dreams and ambitions represented

or are we ignored by those chosen yet disinterested

Is our tax money honestly and well used

or is our hard work and good nature daily abused

A natural dislike or a word carelessly uttered

can be hate and then we are behind shutters

Are we living in a democratic society

or treated as slave labour or cheapened property

Do I feel constrained and forced to conform

to laws which are by no means the norm

A change, a reformation or revolution

is called for as we will lose our freedom and nation

We are at war with sinister forces

and by those who rule us with false causes

We have become timid and fearful

which is sad and eventually fateful

The enemy before us has no discernible face

he lies within us and is one of our race

We are being duped by a propoganda of falsity

the enemy is here and his name is apathy 

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Emeka Collins

Sun 1st May 2022 02:30

This is truth dressed with Beautiful fiery words. Well done, Keith.

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 21st Jan 2022 17:32

The phrase 'slave labour or cheapened property' is well observed, Keith. It may be that the gig economy (ok if you have a good gig) is pulling society further apart and increasing inequality. The checks and balances of democracy are vital in addressing these problems. Very interesting poem.


Fri 21st Jan 2022 07:06

One of your best poem. Hits the nail right in place. We can all feel this bitter reality. what you have written is one of the worst truth of our society.

Thought provoking piece indeed.👍

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 20th Jan 2022 22:11

A well observed truth!, Keith

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 20th Jan 2022 16:24

Very pertinent to what is witnessed these days. You are spot
on about apathy...closely related to misplaced tolerance.
Rigorous and robust are terms I value, not least for their
relevance and importance to ordinary day to day living and
the defence of ways and ideas we may cherish. .

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