92. Poem

Walking through the life's road

Knowing not where I'm heading forth

The crossroads of paths I do see

Which way I shall choose that'd be best for me

Roads ahead are unclear, dark and obscured

The vehicles I can see but haven't yet board

Awaiting the hands from past, sincerely old but young

A youthful heart that's pure and unburnt


The road that's already trodden taught me life's art

Experiences replete with ugly stings, never to repeat

Knowing completely well the dangers of pits and holes

Can't walk those dingy, dark and unequipped roads

So the heart completely knows the difference now

Only to fix my gaze upon the straight path to heavenly abode

Deeds righteous to take up on boarding the next train of life

Hoping the driver divine will perfectly guide us to our destination divine


Hold my hand and plunge into the pool of faith and belief

Heading into the jungles of piety and righteousness complete

A perfect home for those whose hearts are mellowed

For the endeavours kind and holy that's to be taken securely 

Heading straight into the realms and zones chosen by God

Help us O lord and guide us to such paths that are beautifully yours

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Nigel Astell

Tue 11th Jan 2022 02:27

The road you take
with a true heart
both faith and belief
are found deep inside
poetry full of love.

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