96. Poem

In the garden I do sleep

My roots are thin

The stem is sleek

The greener I grow

The healthier I be

It hurts me when I'm cut

Lawn mower my worst enemy

Cutting me right through

When taller I grow

Chopping my head off

Leaving me deaf and blind

There's always a strong hope

Tomorrow I will surely grow

Like the plants and trees

I'll also have my own breed

The quicker my hopes builds me

The faster I'm beheaded repeatedly

But I won't give up this fight to be

What I am aspiring for in life to see


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Sat 15th Jan 2022 16:18

Thank you Keith.💕

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keith jeffries

Fri 14th Jan 2022 09:01

A poem designed to intrigue. I really enjoyed this despite it being tinged with sadness.
Thank you for this

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