88. Poem

A dragon stands above us all

Dancing it's way within 

Rescue isn't important 

If you maintain safe distance 


Dragon of mirth and laughter 

Poisoning our life slowly 

Knowing not the dangers 

News we hear daily 


With every breath we take 

Going gets tough 

But we are getting tougher 

To slay this dragon for supper 


Dragon of lies and brutality 

Singing Chorus of vitality 

It's not what he says 

It's what he does is reality 


Changeover and make over 

All over again and again 

A constellation of angels 

Brimming our life to reign 


Dragon of madness and insanity 

He's a deity of duality 

Living a life of criminality 

Only to portray sincerity 


These dragons are everywhere 

Escaping them isn't easy 

With prying eyes fixed 

They searching for new victims 


Dragons of jealousy and pride 

Hidden within the soul deep inside 

An ambush they lay everywhere 

Killing innocents for their lovely ways 


These dragons are but creation of almighty 

Their days are numbered just like ours 

With the only difference between them and us 

We live and die humbly and they ruin their hours



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