94. Poem

You can't just force me to write

If words aren't flowing right

Writing is an art that comes from within

You can't Pour in words to write anything 


A marvelous write up comes from heart

Those written from mind are researches

You can't call a piece a wonderful thing

Till words have power to stir souls within


Let me express myself at my will

Freedom to speak what's residing in

Not a work of unwilling art

But a beauty that's a wilful start


Here's a poem I do leave

For many to enjoy the read

Blessings we have

Writing an emotional release


From deeper wells of thought

Trying to provoke many hearts

Causing sandstorm in minds

Leaving readers deaf and blind


We can barely understand the gravity

Of the works presented in Writing

Analysis aren't same for each

Deriving conclusions in our own way


Wherefore feelings poured

Why words flow in a particular note

None have power to understand this complexity 

Judging pieces of art accordingly 

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Nigel Astell

Thu 13th Jan 2022 17:40

Art into poetry
painted into words
turned into images
transformed into art.

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