Awaiting Bliss

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I'm no longer me, she said


Later, when clouds passed by

Her mind went with them

She discovered it, sometime later

in a jar upon a dusty shelf

In a room unfamiliar

Where Time had nibbled away

at the glistening softness

to leave a part of it missing

But she wasn't to know

It was others who relayed it

In sympathetic stares

And, enforced, Mona Lisa smiles


In the mirror there was familiarity

But of what, she couldn't recall 

There was a child in there, somewhere

Slowly reverting back to the womb

Where it was warm & cosy

Without worry or pain

An easy comfort of nothingness

Where lay 

A serene bliss in waiting


The reward of a peaceful rest




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Brenda Wells

Sat 22nd Jan 2022 18:52

This really conveys the random nature of memory in Dementia.
My mum had this during the last years of her life and she would often seem to have a memory within her grasp, but not quite be able to reach it. Sometimes whatever she could remember just had to suffice even if it wasn't quite right.
Its a difficult time to be a son or daughter.

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Stephen Atkinson

Fri 21st Jan 2022 20:33

Thank you, Julie, Keith & Stephen for the comments (and emoji 😉)
For me it's about my mam's dementia, but on face value, it could mean so many things, or nothing at all! That's the great thing about poetry isn't it?
There's many I read and have no idea what they're on about 🤣 but love them!
And thanks for the Likes Clare, Leon & Jimakos. Always appreciated 🌈

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 21st Jan 2022 17:12


A fine poem describing....well, do we really know what? These words may be as good as we can hope for. Thanks.

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keith jeffries

Fri 21st Jan 2022 14:50

Another good poem which unfolded in a rather unexpected way. A clever piece of writing.
Thank you for this

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julie callaghan

Fri 21st Jan 2022 14:43


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