A cardboard box
sits by the side of the road
for day and days
numerous joggers
bide riders
yard men with trucks & trailers
come and go
yet no one stops
to pick up the box
too much of a hurry
or don't care
finally one man notices and stops
picks up the box
throws it in the back of his car
and takes it away
life is full of castoffs
old worn out things
that get discarded and
left by the side of the road
things that have outlived their purpose
no longer wanted or needed
those discarded who
no one takes the time
to notice or listen to
who sit by the side of the road
just waiting.

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keith jeffries

Sun 9th Jan 2022 16:39

This poem is skilfully composed as it is not until the last two stanzas that the reader is surprised to discover what the preamble was all about. What you have written is so very true and a call for us to take more notice of those who are not listened to. A very good poem
Thanks for this

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