Heaven in hell

I thank thee my Rabb

For creating a heaven for me in this hell

A respite within the flames to feel and breathe 

Protection from everything evil and dark ugly


I thank thee my Rabb

For this little haven in the form of heaven 

Perfectly build for me despite all the darkness 

Life has become easy, joyful and happy for me


I thank thee my Rabb

For all the angels around me as my supporting friends

There're too many celebrations to make everyday

Eachday beings yet another level of mirth and fun


I thank thee my Rabb

For this little heaven on my part of this lovely earth

It's cool and pleasant here to live in it's confines

I'll dare not step out of these boundaries without permission divine


I thank thee my Rabb

For keeping the hellfire away from my heavenly piece

I'm truly grateful from my heart for this divine blessing for me

I thank thee For thy love, mercy, blessings and thy Loving Friendship 


I thank thee my Rabb

For creating this lovely heaven for me within this hell 

And for sending thy angels as my heavenly companions on earth

For all the blessings that I receive each day in one form or the other

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keith jeffries

Mon 31st Jan 2022 09:02

These words mirror the solace I experience when downcast or besieged by life. There comes that presence with comfort to reassure and strengthen us; a heavenly companion on earth.
Thank you these meaningful and helpful words.

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