Great Britain Pt2

Is Great Britain still great
a question often asked this week 
A Country left dismayed 
disappointing news at it’s peak 

Is Boris still Prime Minister 
is Andrew still a Prince
From Royalty to Parliament 
they make us cringe and wince

From Downing Street parties 
to stripping of royal titles 
Unconvincing apologies  
cop-outs and denials 

Given the privileged positions
we expect so much more
Law abiding, honest and true
right to the very core 

Sadly for Great Britain 
this crop seem rotten through and through 
One bad apple spoils the barrel
this much we know is true 

These strange, uncertain times 
will be noted in history 
Is Great Britain still great
we will just have to wait and see

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John Botterill

Sat 15th Jan 2022 23:07

Publish two poems. One with it in and one with it out. Go by how many likes each one gets. A bit like Brexit! Personally I'm voting IN! 😊

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Greg Freeman

Sat 15th Jan 2022 15:39

Don't worry, Julie. The 'Great' in Britain is really a geographical description, rather than any suggestion of quality. It was originally given to us by the French to differentiate us from Brittany. But we may need to look at it again, once the Scots vote Out.

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julie callaghan

Sat 15th Jan 2022 10:35

Not sure if this verse should be left in or not??🤔

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