Cyril The Squirrel

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I can’t help feeling a bit sad
and just the tiniest bit mean 
Watching this grey squirrel 
is one of the funniest sights I’ve seen 

He is the greatest acrobat 
the way he leaps from tree to tree
The way he clings on upside down 
it’s amazing for me to see

He is so very persistent 
many times he has tried and tried 
But no matter how hard he tries
he just can’t make his way inside

I built a bird feeding station
the small wild birds take their fair share 
But crows, rooks, ravens and squirrels 
will just have to find lunch elsewhere 

He doesn’t look too unhappy 
and he doesn’t look very thin
I don’t mind he visits us 
as long as he can’t  find a way in 

I think he is very cute 
and enjoy his antics without fail 
My husband says he’s just a rat 
with a swishy, bushy grey tail 

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julie callaghan

Mon 10th Jan 2022 13:39

Thanks for the kind comments and likes. He is very entertaining.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 9th Jan 2022 17:00

Lovely poem, Julie. Yes, I suppose they are rats, in a way, but superior rats, surely (apart from the tail).

Cyril is a good name. I remember a Hancock's half hour episode where Bill Kerr says to Sid james 'It's a Cyril, squid'.

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keith jeffries

Sun 9th Jan 2022 11:06

another enchanting poem with a touch of humour. Poems about the natural world is where your descriptive powers come to the fore.
Thank you for this.

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