No thanks to yet another parking suspension affecting residents' cars in my local street to faciliate

private interest, I found myself having to re-locate my own vehicle a distance away last night.  It was

while making my way home that I noticed the number of discarded Covid face masks lying around along

the way.  Funny how the brain works but they took my own mind back to my youth and a childish habit of

noting discarded contraceptives in unexpected places.  My sport of freshwater fishing saw me in various

often deserted locations in search of an elusive perch and it struck me as interesting that sewage outfalls

seemed appealing to these handsome denizens, where contraceptives used to float into view, discarded 

by their users to disfigure the river's otherwise pristine environment.  Not unlike the way the current

protective accessory is being discarded after use to do the same to our surroundings now.  The downside  

of keeping ourselves free from the results of any inconvenient interruption to our lives and their pleasures!




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John Botterill

Sat 15th Jan 2022 23:14

It's true MC. You never see them lying around nowadays do you?
It's how I got my name, by the way. 'Johnny' 😀

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John Coopey

Fri 14th Jan 2022 17:12

There were always a few to be found every morning in Selby Abbey's North Porch. Good to see love and goodwill being extended in the spirit of Christian communion.

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