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To the sensibilities of our cossetted ears this was grisly business.  To those watching, though, this was a thing of glory – a glory greater than battle, glory which brought men close to the gods.

The Mace of Sol was older than the stories of the Old Folk – a thigh bone from a great beast, of which the Elders spoke but none could recall, for such beasts were no more.

The Mace was held high in the grey, mid-winter dawnlight by the High Priest.  Kneeling beneath, extending his head in reverent supplication, the crippled boy was offered.




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John Coopey

Thu 13th Jan 2022 09:48

Not part of the “Plum Face” masterpiece, Kevin, but certainly set in the same era.
And thanks for the Like, Stephen G.

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kJ Walker

Thu 13th Jan 2022 08:35

Is this one in the same series as the one about "plum face" if I have remembered that name correctly?

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John Coopey

Wed 12th Jan 2022 08:37

Thanks for the Likes, Stephen, John and Holden.

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