January Blues, Today’s News

The January blues
and constant Covid news
Is Plan B, right or wrong 
Government weak or strong 
Omicron spreading fast
faster than in the past 
Changes in testing rules
required masks in schools
Conspiracy theories
and unanswered queries 
Working from home advised
isolation revised 
NHS under stress
winter strain relentless
Teenage knife crime headlines 
drug cartel county lines
Prince Andrew title threat
judges rule makes him sweat
Fuel and power costs hikes
predicted price cap spikes 

The January blues 
and miserable news
I’ve heard it all before
some is a bit of a bore
I’m changing my routine
and switching off my screen
by acting differently 
changes my day instantly
If it really gets to you
there’s one thing you can do
Switch off the constant news
put on your walking shoes
Get outdoors rain or shine
leave your troubles behind
And pretty soon your frown
will be turned upside down
For that time each day 
everything will be okay

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julie callaghan

Thu 6th Jan 2022 19:56

Thanks for the likes, unsure about this one.

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Nigel Astell

Thu 6th Jan 2022 02:18

Great title.

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julie callaghan

Wed 5th Jan 2022 19:48

Thanks for you kind comment snd like Stephen. Not happy with this one, keep messing around with it.

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 5th Jan 2022 18:18

That's it! I'm off for a walk! Thanks, Julie!
And, great poem! 🌈

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