104. Poem

There're people who are good 

Good for everyone, you and me 

Their presence is a great blessing 

Helping and giving to those living 


There're people who are bad 

Bad to everyone, you and me 

Their presence is the biggest Bane 

Vindictive and filled with hate even to those dead 


There are people who pretend 

Pretending to be good to you and me 

Their presence...

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night physics III (1/31/22)

yep it's about that time

as I look to my watch

it's me. I am 5 years old

Sick again on my birthday.

Always sick on my birthday

the dulled flavor of strawberry shortcake still rests on my tired grin.

mom got me the knights I wanted, the ones from the dollar store 

so many of them and you can switch their arms with each other

you can give this one more armor

good; he needs...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

night physics II (01/07/22) |

monogrammed armor core memory oops

Only Champions Combat Here

Two tennis trojans

clash fighting continuously

rackets point direction

mental physical strength

five hour marathon

breaking tactical serve

line of fire

champions equally matched

lifting Open Trophy

true grit was

the only call.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

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a fight to the finish

Bee Strike


If we would work
as hard as bees
what improvements
would come naturally
still there's always
a propensity
for some to feed off
of their greed
Poor workers slave
and constantly feed
the queens desires
and vanity
As selfish as a Bee
can be
maybe a Strike
is what she needs.

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The I, me, pajama striped shirted,

Ignorant, stand alone, shout-out nutcase,

nonsensical words blurted,

staggered with burp and belch

under caustic breath;

ale breath, shot breath.

He gives a show of

none stick comedy,

and imperfectly performed

puerile knobbery.

“Huh! Huh!”

Pint, betting slip, kebab

“What’s that? Yea,

I'll be home soon, Bab”

Tells her t...

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Also by Marc Hawkins:


tiredlove life marriagelost lovebored

Wheeled luggage

I smoke and watch her


The taxi waits.

Then like a premonition

I have a mirrored memory

of her departure-

the scent of her 

washed skin-

recalling the

ins and outs of our arguments...

She's smiling as she 

leaves the echo of

our space.

She's laughing as we fail

to finish yet another argument...

I pick through the remains

of the accusations


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Also by Tommy Carroll:

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Heaven in hell

I thank thee my Rabb

For creating a heaven for me in this hell

A respite within the flames to feel and breathe 

Protection from everything evil and dark ugly


I thank thee my Rabb

For this little haven in the form of heaven 

Perfectly build for me despite all the darkness 

Life has become easy, joyful and happy for me


I thank thee my Rabb

For all the angels arou...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

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When the poet ceases singing

When the poet ceases singing 
There’s an end to everything:
Birds in the trees, music,
Plangent and deep,
Tempests that flare in the mind of man.
Foreshadowing that terrible realisation
That you too have followed this same cliff path,
On nights of luminosity, and in the darkness
Of the day. When mother, father, lover, friend
Have swooned towards the moon in triumph
Or despair. Or when th...

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Also by John E Marks:

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The Wall of Life

In life we build our special walls
Behind which we choose to hide.
It makes us feel safe and secure,
And it keeps us all dignified.

It shelters us from all the world,
And it makes us feel respected.
But this wall can be knocked down,
Which is often unexpected.

And if your wall is now destroyed,
You may now feel quite exposed.
And others may then stare and laugh,
And your faults beco...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Justice | Bowls |

Stuart VannerWall of Life


In my long lifetime, I've witnessed the appearance of the self-contratulatory, virtue-signalling  mode 

of behaviour that would persuade us that "nowadays" is to be admired and emulated if we are to be

considered good and worthy human beings.  We are lectured and preached to about our obligations

and duties towards the world and its dog, while,closer to home, things occur that give the li...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


First Meetings.

Tucked behind a corner booth table I caught a glimpse of a lonely shadow lingering in a vacant corner. Immediately my attention was drawn to an unfamiliar face with a tortured sort of composure. Had I not found the courage to recite a friendly greeting an opportunity would have been missed. 

I sat with my back against the wall, the taste of stale coffee on my tongue

My thoughts ran back and ...

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Also by Jordyn Elizabeth:

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'Mere suffering exists,but no sufferer is found;

'The deeds are,but no doer is found'

: Buddhagosa

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Also by Grant Leonard Aspinall:

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The Turbulent Sea

The Turbulent Sea

It began when the moon

Poured its light onto a still ocean

Stirring the waves

Commanding they rush to the shore

Pushing and tumbling over stones

Drenching the shingle, the beach

Coating and soaking every coarse grain of sand


Then suddenly, pulling sharply backwards,

Dragging all beneath the bubbling, frothing waters

Turning, twisting, tumbling


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Also by Brenda Wells:

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The Day Bobby Kennedy Died

I was watching television when Bobby Kennedy died

I was only twelve years old 

But old enough to cry

I ran out into the garden somewhere

And quietly said a prayer

But that didn’t seem to matter,

because Bobby Kennedy died


I was kind of upset that no one was listening

I just wish they’d answered my prayers

I remember going to bed that night

dragging my feet on the...

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Also by Steve Higgins:

Like my Mother Used to Make |


Lemur Incident


Swift and graceful lemurs
occupy the canopy.
So swift, so beautiful
feet don't touch the ground.
Swift, graceful, beautiful
abreeze through treetops
too many to count. Here's one 
-but wait-
for whatever reason
the accustomed leap
now second nature
still breathtakingly acrobatic
He has lost his grip. It happens.
The back-up branch snaps off in his hand
here's a real pro...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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In the eye of the storm.

A church stood high on a cliff top

Far above the tumultuous sea.

It was a stormy night,

As the vicar fought the violent gale,

To reach his night-time ceremony.


He foresaw a depleted congregation

On such a tempestuous night,

But turning on the bright church lights

No parishioners could he see.

They clearly preferred to worship



The vicar presse...

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So close yet so far

Six hours in the car




Miles and Miles


One day, we will be reunited

Until then, 



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Also by A. Louise:

Jigsaw |


The Tide Is Changing

The Tide is Turning


The news that is broken

When you know someone has to leave

Is hard to hear


But waiting for them to leave

When the news is understood

Is harder


Reminding ourselves that the person who we care about

Is not going on a one way trip to the moon

And knowing we will see them again

Provides some comfort

But does not fully take away the st...

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Also by Rasa Kabaila:

Two Women | Mend me | Covid Blues |


escaping wars their bodies washing to shore

from the deep sea, I hear a cry
bubbling through with agony

bodies washing to shore, one by one


drowned baby in mother's arm

held on tight as she swallowed her last breath

walking the beach on shells when I was young

where I found sanctuary

crash of waves my melody

now, only corpses beneath my feet

human remains, walru...

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Also by Ziba Mahdavi:

SOLDIERS OF MERCY | A Misplaced World |

The land of total rhubarb

Welcome to the sunlit uplands

of total rhubarb, England's 

fastest growing cash crop.

(Too bad there's no one left to pick it). 


Fertilised by inverted pyramids

of piffle, or should that be 

de Pfeffel? Where Afghan hounds

matter more than Afghans. 


And talking of animals, did even

the Cheshire Cat wear 

such a self-satisfied smirk? 

As tourists flock to ...

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Also by Greg Freeman:

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I wasn’t there 

And can’t imagine

The fear the death, the hopeless crowding

The sick the dying the poor the crying

The black abyss that swallowed all

The world aghast the smoke, the pall


Just writing this it makes me sick

At mankind’s filth, at mankind’s tricks.


No more, forever, we must avert

We must be vigilant we must be  alert

But slips unseen ...

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Also by Edbreathe:

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There was a certain lure

of idleness

Within waves

of her golden hair

A tranquil haven to escape

From the worldly normal fayre


Her eyes

were hidden treasures

Of ruby & emerald glimmer

Her skin sparkled

like frosty morns

Under moonlit silvery shimmers


As I dived into

her ocean deep

She drowned me in delight

Then sang a lament

old & true


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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

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Exiled in a foreign land 

Sentenced to never leave 

Afraid I took a stand 

To fight my urge to grieve 


I tied my faith to my hands 

Afraid I walked asleep 

Blind my feet brushed a sand 

The first hope and leap 


I thought it was the end 

I know where to see 

A view that never bends 

A key to something new 


To the night the only light 

Can’t be b...

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Men Confusion

My world has come to an end.

Co-dependent like a child to a Dad

Losing my sexuality through men-o-pause

Obliterate me with your gaze

but don’t try to command my soul

the one I thought was the one

is the only love who’s been the truth

but I have fucked him over with my ego.


I let myself go but you were just the same

The dark haired, mum fuck that you have

Not reco...

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men and womenrelationshipssexfeminine



Some clergy we know won’t leave cathedrals.

Why should they? There they have all that they need:

Pomp, faith and power over life and death.

The ones who do venture out discover

A mess of a world, with stammering crowds,

Stricken women who curse when buying bread,

The rich, first in line for absolution.

Yet they negotiate the obstacles,

Jump the barriers, take rough stu...

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Belly of the Beast

I'm in the belly of the beast

Think as thin

I did not mean

But I did it again


I wander around this stinking place

With a great look of astonishment on my face


I dash from here 

And hide over there

Fully aware there is a lurking bear


I try to silence

My chattering teeth

When all of a sudden


Screams from the deep


Peering inside


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Also by Are Kay:

My Siren |


I was 10 years old the last time.

I didn’t understand but my mam and dad were terrified.

It was Game Theory played out to perfection by the Kennedy brothers and, less commonly acknowledged, by Nikita Khrushchev.

At any rate, history records it as a “game”.  If the outcome had been different perhaps it would not be viewed as such – if, indeed, there were any of us left to have “history”.


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Also by John Coopey:


Till the end of the line

I have entered this new chapter of my life,

But it feels like the past is not so far behind.

I wish you were here to see the person who I have become today,

I wish you were here to tell me that it was going to be okay.


From seeing each other almost everyday,

To not having spoken to each other for over a year seems like hell.

I wish you were here to get me out of this mess,


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About life

This that happened

Nothing to say

What I am actually thinking

My words may sway

It’s like a tide one can surf

Life’s opportunities make you tough

You may have done all wrongs

But to do legit you have all long

Not the whole book, It’s just a page

True freedom of thoughts, breaks the cage

Do what you love, take on your hobby

Not made for 9-to-5, you may be


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a winter haiku

As the months go by

The plants will die just to live

All over again

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Also by Lauren Em:

Beautiful | Narcissism | Insomnia |


The constriction is covert, 

the strings are made of silk:

it's attrition by stealth. 


The letters from prison, 

penned by unreason

in the syntax of petulance, 

unfurl the frustration

over the failure

of the fabled 

to materialize in 

the realm of the real. 


And the dullness

promised in a hiss

one can play deaf to

no more, gently seeps 

into v...

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Narratives | Crumbling | Anew | Disregarded | Undoing | Transubstantiation |

Dame Luz, o Dios

Ayudame, hermana, he me caído!
Help me, sister, I have fallen.

I, Willow, have called you, O Scissortail,
You and your harem.
Graze off the pests that swarm upon me.
How I love you!
You go about your business, demand nothing of me.
Help my sister too. She has fallen beside me.
Her limbs are broken and scattered.
Her old skin, ripped open, peels from ivory bones.
Yet see how still she c...

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To be in love

To simply love someone does not compair to being in love with someone.

loving someone is an action, a choice one can make for themselfs. this alone can not be simply relied apon.

Being in love with someone is all consuming and will swallow you whole. It does not ask for reason and is all someone could need.

Loving someone is a choice, a switch that can be controlled. Loving is giving the ...

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Also by kimberley anne swindle:

The recipe for a love cake | If soul mates do exist. |

808s over heartbreaks

Can I just fizzle away into the 808s

And fuck the heartbreaks

That ensnared me into your trap

Like the music I thought you were.

I hit replay, replay, replay

Just to feel the reverb jumpstart my chest again.

You never made my ears cry like the melodies did anyways.

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Also by M3RK:

Schrodinger's Felines | crosses | finders, keepers | Where gods go to die | Erosion |

A creek by dead cabins

One day he will follow her to the sea
By way of creek breaking through cold pine root
Through stone and sand, through outstretched hand
Through this silent land he laps languidly
Rushes relentless, rests in pools, rolling blue jewels
To the sea, on to the endless sea, meet her at the shore
The salt and the roar, the recession of wave and water
Starlight's son and daughter, mingling in the t...

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

Apis | Sugartree | Standing in a shaft of light |

Morning Air

Tranquilly awoken by the chirping of robins

The sun narrowly gleaming over the hazy horizon

Fresh dew providing my senses with clarity as this new dawn arrises

Appreciating the rush of crisp air as it permeates throughout the room

Whilst also savoring the warmth of the quilts and the comfort of my lover

As yesterdays troubles fade in the sunlight

I have awoken to begin anew


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Also by Cody Roach:

Book of Life | Tidings | Portrait | Blood Sport | Lioness | An oasis of love |




the old windmills

in Spain, slowly turning

large cloth blades


turning and grinding

ancient grains of the past


lined up in a row on a hillside

waiting for Don Quixote

to mistake them for giants


with his sidekick Sancho

he attacked them

only to get his lance

caught in the canvas blades


thought he had been tricked

by an evil...

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windmillsdon Quixote

4 Endings


Stepping over the fence
you both almost catch your legs
on thistles inbetween the bricks
unaware worse was yet to come.


Listening to the winds applause
you almost bow to them
almost like they were evading
the devil's staircase too


Burning the negatives
her recklnessness haunted him
all the way home
into the arms of strangers.


Visting each other graves

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Also by Andy N:

Three x Winter Haiku |

Mini Poems

Phantom Florida Winter


Your breath white like steam gently 

hangs in sway


Cloaked in novelty, it's now a

winter game 


A puff from your chest out

of your mouth


A picture you paint when cold

air allows


Squirrels pitter-patter, a chase

in the trees


A distant garbage truck booms,

bangs and squeaks


Sun crawls higher reflecting

off your brow



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Who said drainage was boring?

mains and laterals neatly planned
herringbone pattern or even fanned

salt-glazed carriers carrying shit
simple land drains topped with grit

clay tiles in the farmer’s soil
sometimes flexi wavy coil

porous concrete or perforated
the flow of water calculated

twin wall pipes, long radius bends
junctions, our useful friends

rodding eyes, a socket plug
open drains, just shallow dug


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Angelie 🕊

A new angel joined the ranks in heaven above, 


Never imagined attending your funeral and sending you off with doves.


Gone but our memories of you will live on, 


Ever present in all our hearts where you belong. 


Loved by many and we are all struggling with this loss, 


In the next life we shall reunite, when it’s my time to cross. 

Everyday we will get to...

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Also by Your Royal Poetess:

Crystal |

Rest in peacefriendheaven

Awaiting Freedom

I seek myself

Fighting demons in my head

I fight a battle daily in my head

These voices in me try to bring me down

Saying I'm not good enough

My chest aches

As though a stone presses on me

My lungs gasp with stifling air

Feeling short of breath

I suffocate with my head barely above water

As much I may try to avoid it

It always finds me in the quiet

Robbing me of...

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Also by Nawadita Janice Philip:

Breaking The Silence | Words |

#tragedy#poem #self-healing

Mt Mataba Battlefield Hike


Mt Mataba Battlefield Hike

I did my first 2022 hike up Mt Mataba. I had previously planned to go to Clark area and see some battle sites up there but it was cancelled due to CCP Virus restrictions. Maybe next month instead. I took one of the front paths up Mt Mataba. I wanted to see the Japanese field hospital tunnel again and photograph it. On the way up Mt Mataba I met a hiking party the...

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An Awful Harvest |

warhikemt matababattlefield researchphilippines



Readable from her eyes,

Even when she cries.

Possible all lies.

So much love to give

The only reason to live.

How shall she prove

The sacrifice? 

She has so much to lose

Every mountain she would move.

Her Sacrifice is the risk she takes.

All her rules and priorities she breaks

To give and give and give

So you can live and live and live.

Some call...

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The Road of Trust

The road of Trust 
Dalan Jahan 

Don't give me
Tantamount word 
Earlier thats you given a Red bird...

Dont give me similer land
That's you digging for water 
in past and past.. 

Dont give me this colour
Which colour is used to Delete 
your rainfall forest.....

Give me a new and new 
Give me truth and truth birth 
Give me road and road
The road of Trust....  

Dalan Jahan 

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We arrive in Dolgelley

the sun still rides the late peaks

and our day will soon be over. 


We ascend to the top floor

of a grey terrace pub

with its utility wardrobe whose door

cannot be closed. 


A late light informs the lace curtains

with its bleak projection. 


My brother's saddlebag has landed on the floor;

soon he will light a disgusting Falcon pipe,


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Also by ray pool:


Fluffy Snow

Fluffy Snow by William McKechnie is available from most media platforms.

Originially a poem turned into a song

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home by christmasoriginal songsongschristmas childrenChristmas

I am Human

Its survival of the fittest

They attack me in the heart space

Because they envy

How much this heart of mine can take

As I contine to move foward

You would never know

That I was heart broken

You could never walk in my shoes

I fixed myself with the love of the ancestors

This is the heart of the Lion

The intelligence of the Owl

The body of the Goddess

The covering ...

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Lamb Poem

Regardless of those who seek to destroy searching spirits

my Jesus is different         he laughs with me 

I don't even ponder about His human incarnation 

I want the Spirit             I need the Spirit 

Jesus is the Spirit of the world 

and when He said 'so in everything, do to others 

what you would have them do to you' 

He gave us the Keys to free ourselves 

the plans f...

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Also by Kealan Coady:

One King | For The Great Mover |

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