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I saw the cat today in the lane

its back towards me

but aware that I was there.


A hedge absorbed it

the lane alone again

and another feline plan unthwarted.


The puddles saw the plan pass on by

pass away

and the dance again of soft pads

foraging whiskers

leaving me behind

blundering on my upright way.

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Also by ray pool:



Football was fun and something to not flunk                              

before school, recess and lunch, we were clowns                      

we played even if in the mud our Chuck’s sunk                          

I can’t consume their commercial spunk                                      

between the fake-war-field kicks and downs                               

they want us eatin...

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I've been issued a quest 
I need to achieve
A kiss, just one kiss
On New Years Eve
Is a kiss what I need?
I'm thinking not
Why buy into the hype
And hope for the jackpot
I'd rather sit home
Snug & warm by the fire
Than go to the pub 
In my party attire
But oh how I'd like
A kiss - just to feel
Like the new year was perfect
To make it seem real
It's what everyone does
So I'm led to...

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New Years Eveno kisses here to speak of

ptsd (12/31/2015)

the bitter soapsting
of measuring spiders
eyeing them up
by dinner plates
As if one day I'd be eating next to them
Those jumping wingclippers
of the afterlife

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sometimes i wake up crying for no reason

we live alone

We live alone.

We die alone.

It is the natural state of things.

There is no need to fret about it.

Those seemingly close, will see out our end.

When we die it is with no regrets

Our life force extinguished.

We need to have lived out our life,

To the full, to the brim,

From our central hearts core.

Nothing is more important, nothing more !!


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Also by joe ranter:

(untitled) |

The Temptation of St Anthony

From Emperor to Vampire, journeying through to final place of amoral monk.

Dwelling in ruined fort, a habitual sin of retired idleness. Momentary contemplations

to follow the birds south, he spends his days tending a garden of lilies in the desert.


Holding his demon captive for too long without his hands, she now writhes naked

and tied to column of penitent temple. Tresses burnt...

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Katypoetesslovelove poetry


dripping lead pipes          lead to razor                       blade epiphanies            

and the time     machine is broken           and this fucking headache           behind my eyes will not


and i have control of                      the stock market              but not my hair colour

and my lava lamp             tells no one who i am                     and my poetry bo...

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New Years Eve


At night I stood in the winter chill in the moonshadow stark and deep,

And looked at the village soft and warm safely and soundly asleep,

The last year has ended its pleasure and pride and gone is the glory and pain,

And the wind that chills my heart and my soul has settled its ice on my brain.


For I wonder what will the new-year bring as we stride through it...

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Also by Ian Gant:

RESOLUTION | Donkeys |


Frustration is the hardest part of life  , when no one listens and no one tries . Night after night you toss and turn . But night after night you will always return . The Same old feelings  , that life isn't fare . So why do these people who abuse our children walk free . They are Repulsive  need Chasing , need Catching need Force . To Erode them Defeat them  , They Need To Be Caught . We should a...

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Also by Wendy Higson:

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Stand Together

As I sit here smoking my cigarette (knowing I will never die)

entry picture

As I sit here smoking my cigarette...

I realise I will never die

because, I have never lived

never breathed in the air of a new day

without attaching the exhaust to it.

Never tasted a kiss

anew (anew anew FOR GODS sake, let us be seated)

always tinged with sadness and regret

like the parting from you mother (BLAME BLAME just open the wine)

does she wish I was another


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Also by David R Mellor:

When one is touched |






Is dented



That said

‘I've just

About had












Tiny hearts





That sign

A lesser


A Greater



I pretend

I’m blind

And run

My fingers

Over the

Dents of




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The Street

The monkeys in the parlour banging on a drum
The child is skipping in the yard, watching having fun. 

A boy of only seven dressed in his Sunday best Is chasing the can down the street, all his friends look on impressed 
The mistress is getting ready, with her lipstick shocking red, 
slowing pulling up her stocking and putting perfume upon her chest.

The old ladies washing clothes again...

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The Butterfly- Man

Since hatching out of a cocoon,

This butterfly has had many tastes of pollen.

So many whims and fads on which to feed,

Just like the hungry caterpillar.


Whilst being an infant – he would froth at the mouth,

With every new idea and urge,

Driving friends mad and give them a reason to bully.


First it was cowboys, plastic soldier armies, world war 2,

Action men and St...

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A Gift of Love

Loneliness breeds sadness.

Like an illness it spreads,

takes hold,

takes ones breath away,


grips ones heart,


in a strangling knot

of grief.

An apparition of love

appears to soothe and comfort,

but as it evaporates and is gone,

a wave of emptiness takes it's place.

A look, a gesture, seems to offer love,

but it is only a memory,

fading fast.


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Also by Jill Ashforth:

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loneliness. giftLove


get some of this

delicate balance

as day and night

from night to day

who is trapped?

asked gaia

who is trapped?

asked god

may be y'all

should be



the dance is for the motion!

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entry picture

I dreamt you were little again;

We were walking through Filey in rain;

You looked so cute in

Your first romper suit;

I dreamt you were little again.


Your mittens were tied through your sleeves;

Your red wellies kicked through the leaves;

Your new woolly bonnet

Had fake fur upon it;

Your mittens were tied through your sleeves.


Were you happier then than you’r...

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Also by John Coopey:



Oil-rich Arab neighbours

Are close by troubled lands,

Yet where are the labouring saviours -

Where are their helping hands?


A much-vaunted religious teaching

Seems common to them all

Yet where is its charity reaching

When conflict comes to call?


It sees its disciples fleeing

Far off alien lands to roam

Does it see what we're not seeing

As its millions see...

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Below the Surface

If I scratch the surface,

would I find an itch?

or would I find a chasm

corroded by a bitch

either them be true 

my conscience it doth say

just stick a plaster on it

we'll look another day



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Also by PatricioLG:

Out at sea | Christmas Cracker |

Final Chapter: Ghost

entry picture

Oh, Hello sweet angel

Are you here to take me away?

Just let me sing one more song

Before I start my journey to the afterlife  


You’re an unmovable mountain

Gentle as the ocean

Sweet as honey

God’s greatest creation


You've seen me, do I look okay to you?

You laugh and I smile back to humor you

I know you feel me next to you

Even though this is for the las...

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Be Mine Tonight

For a night

Just for a few hours

Let's pretend love doesn't hurt

Hold me, nestled against my growing belly

Your hand, as it travels all the way down

To stake claim to what is not yours.

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Waiting for Nancy (Book) now out

entry picture

A somewhat revised version (i.e. - a fair bit improved i hope) book version of Waiting for Nancy is now finally out,

A copy can now be bought from http://www.lulu.com/shop/http://www.lulu.com/shop/gray-nicholls/waiting-for-nancy/paperback/product-22502540.html?ppn=1

Or get in touch with me directly and we'll work out the price from there.

A new sequence which i think will form Book 2 'Sel...

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Blind LOVE

You must know
Life is not a show
You go up, you go down
But stop acting like a clown

You may pretend you don't care
Anyway you know what we share
Every time we both meet
We're falling in love a little bit

I do love you but never said
I'll still be like a shade
Will be watching all your moves
One day you'll see it proves

That the one from the past
Was always first to give help fa...

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Also by Sandra Meryem:

Too Proud to be happy! |

careclowndeadly night shadefalling in loveloveshowtrouble

On Catching Sight of Autumn

at half past four
   the farthest moor
ran blood red
   with sinking sun

early gathered guttered leaves
   catching hint of winters breath
   decorously quiver
in the lingered still of dusk

while in one hundred kitchens
   baked beans simmer
beneath the steam-whistle of transition
   from the polarities of the classroom
   to the less defined contests of the home

this samian splendid ...

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Also by jeremy young:

Sonnet to 1680 |

Octolune I

Moon a round cheese

Nibbled away

Sheared sharp

A curve of scimitar at dawn


Scything the sunset

D for destiny

Ballooning at midnight.

Dec 2015

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Also by Freda Davis:

Sudoku |

Octolune Moon phases lunar crescent dawn sunset na

These words in my head 

have been left unsaid 

for i am not yet dead 

but you have left me speachless 

and i now have no beath to speak 

and you have made me week 

week in my knees 

for i cannot see

how much damage you really coused me 

i cannot speak 

my mouth just dropped 

but these feelings cannot stop

i love you so 

so much that i cant take no more and ha...

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Also by Madison Martin:

50 words just for you. | My last resting place. |

We Kissed As The House Blew Away

Remember when we kissed all night
in taxis
bar booths
in takeaways
phone boxes
in crowds
in fields
on cliff tops
white sands
in ostentatious style
with absolute certainty
standing in rivers
rolling on haystacks
in tents
in love…

To lose ourselves in kisses
was all we ever wanted
‘lose yourself in kisses’
that’s all I ever said

Do you remember
the last time ...

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Also by Tom Alexander:

A Quiet Night At The Telescope |

no kisses here to speak of


No one likes lonliness,

It's an endless pit of darkness.

Battling gruesome demons,

Struggling to forget those wretched memories.

Decayed flowers and surging tides,

Lonilness is sleep deprivation, a weak soul, a cold heart, 

Lonliness is my biggest demon.

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Travel along

Through the green lanes, following the cemented roads;
With new hopes above head,covered with blue mould.

I was on my way to discover new sea;
Miles and miles afar was the new world awaiting for me.

To catch hold of it i got wet in the rain;
There's some kind of young drug running in my vein.

There's still hope in the lifted hand within the crowded lane;
There's it where i can settle ...

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Happy Christmas!





Just want to wish all poets a very merry christmas and all the best for the New Year.


Let's hope it blossoms into a year 'we all' would cherish. It prolly won't, but, don't give up hope.


A poet without hope, is a redundant poet! After all, it is the hope for change that keeps us going, keeps us writing.


Have a gooden.





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Also by Noetic-fret!:

21 Grams |

Hymn of a Northern Clime

All hail the Winter Solstice!

The everlasting Sun

Force of Light and Life

Returns to us once more.


O Sun, we trust Thee.

Thou wilt not abandon us

To desolation of shadow

And frozen sleep.

We honour

Your guardians of gloom

The gliding Moon, your Eyes of Night

And Sky Fire.



We celebrate and make merry

With feasting, drink and song,


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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Child of Beauty | Cherry Jam |

The Gap on the Bap

I buy hotdogs and some buns
The amounts do not tally
So I have to buy more hotdogs to finish the buns
Then I buy mor buns to finish the hotdogs
Maybe if  do this often enough
It will cancel itself out

Or more likely
I will become bloated and addicted
To hotdogs and buns
And buy funeral cover from the same supermarket
Where I buy hotdogs and buns

But if they take my custom lightly

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Also by Declan Grimes:

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When will it begins to liquefy?

The sun with its
Fingers of ray
Caressing and dubbing
Thawed the ice,
Which a brook,
Soon bubbled
Forward to advance!

When will my
Lovelorn and
The frost of loneliness
Congealed soul
Begins to liquefy
In a way
Description that defy
Fine-tuned to
A soul mate's voice
And enticing eyes
With a heart
Engaged in ecstasy
Choreographed dance?


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lovelorn soulmate

The Enemy

The Enemy

He's always by my side
Sometimes a step ahead
Sometimes a step behind
But no matter where I am
He follows me like the sun
And wears me down like the moon
A reflection of the mirror
And all that I can see
Is the enemy....

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Also by Smash Lee:

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sleep now

Sweet dreams. I hope the grass is greener, and that the people give you the time of day as they pass you by; a stick to cleave into the dirt so that you will know when to murmur my name and flutter your glassy eyes.

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Also by Andrea Sharpe:

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Cambridge University Bares All

entry picture

University student paper

The Tab magazine

popular annual competition

cute and loveable

naked asses exposed.


Sculptured so well

curvy blonde Katie

cheeky cheeks showing

slender flowing model

fully frontal statue.


University library showcases

santa hat Anne

well rounded red

slim white ring

totally bare buttocks.


Traditional dining hall


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On the application form I explained my reasons for

Three sisters.

entry picture


I have three sisters
three sisters mine
they all hate dancin’
they all love flyin’.

they fly round the kitchen
while mother makes tea.
Tatiana makes three.


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Also by Mikhail Smith:

... the glass from the mirror. |


It is almost Christmas but it is wet and very windy out there. So let us rewind to a poem I wrote a while back as we go in search of some heat and romance.
This poem ‘Arles, 1992’ was written in response to a photograph. A group of us from Herga Poets got together with a local photography club and wrote our responses to what they gave us. We worked from the prompt and went our own direction –...

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Playing in fire

Last night I played with fire

The kind that burns blue,
And melts something new.

Last night I played with fire 

The good kind 

The kind that burns,
Never to tire

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How to get everything you ever wanted

Invent a war.
Something bloody and fratricidal.
Lose an uncle to barrel bombs
a brother to secret police.

Three years in, flee.
Pack only what you can carry:
clothes, smartphone, children, cash.
Slip away at night, in silence.

Take your leave of the flat, bakery, office,
rubble-filled streets where the kids once ran
shell of the cafe where old men
drank qahwa, played she...

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Also by steve pottinger:

this will be a re-run |


When without you

When without you;

Scrolling; I kiss your display pictures

Seems it has become a ritual

Browsing through the reveries

Once you gave me that key-holder

I caress it as if an amulet

Just sipped-in something bitter

Navigating you inside somewhere


Can sense those flashes

Of amorousness

Arms holding me from behind

Every part of me getting unwind

Fingers flickering...

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#poem #love

Christmas Reminisces

entry picture

It’s Christmas Eve and the streets are overflowing

With smiling happy faces full of yuletide joy

Sitting spellbound before a blazing festive fire

It seems not so long ago when I was just a boy

But now I’m grown and all I have is memories

Of happy days and nights so innocent and pure

Oh mother of mine if only you were here

I miss you so much this time of year for sure

But li...

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Friend for a Day

One, two, three, four
Solitude surrounds me
The odd one out
Baring chattered teeth

Or so it feels
I can't really say
But it exists
And it aches

If I had a wish
For only one thing
All I'd ask for
Would be a friend for a day

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Changing metre without reason

Treated as poetic treason!


So treat the metre with respect 

convey your point and with each step


must use the beat to your advantage

And use the rules to micromanage.

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Also by Daniel Wardak:

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Lulu Turns The Key

Lulu sits in her coupe

smoking home grown

outside 'Billy's Super Rib'

that proudly never closes.


Where she works

for seven years now

listening to Mexican radio

that annoyingly never ends.


There isn’t much

to contemplate.

Just the dust

and the sizzled wind.


The boys that

come and go

on motorcycles, methadone,

and mediocrity.


So Lul...

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I have always liked

The look

The smell

The touch of trees

Old or young




With or without leaves

I like their shape

Their form

Their fruit

Their spawn

I like the way they grow

Tall sharp and upright

Buckled or bent

Blown and hewn

Not manicured or sawn

I like their roots

The way they

Spread, rise

Contorted and worn


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Also by Martin Elder:

Napalm death | Church of stone | Drop the needle |


Light, it shines brighter than the stars
shining throughout space, n' through our hearts

Bringing hope to our world.
It began our lives,
entering our eyes,

Soothes all but one,
Put the shadows on the run

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Black Christmas

entry picture

Black Christmas


Fifty fucking years

this black snow’s fallen

every Christmas.

It fell on my father

and his father before him.


Stepping out

into the grey December light

cold and tired.

Home to a bath

and the warm hearth

of family.


A bond of men

tighter than brothers,

thicker than blood,

darker than midnight.


All gone now,

like d...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Herod | Broke | Perhaps... |

death of communitykellingleylast deep coal mineminerspit closure

Like I've Never Felt

Like I’ve Never Felt

Feeling like you can never be happy again

Heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak

But, one day

Everything changes

Someone walks into your life

And they make you feel like you’ve never felt before

For once something is working out

All you can seem to do is smile

And you feel your heart being put together again


Isn’t it?

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Nativity ‘73 (a re-post)


He’d three lines and a gleaming neck,

stunk of Imperial Leather.

I was gagged and tidemarked,

the Mother of the Messiah.


Under strict instruction

I smiled beatifically

with muted mouth, and purple feet,

in Bethlehem, in Primary.


Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

Silenced, made to breed.

But Joseph (famous cuckold)

was worth three lines of speech.



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nativity playVirgin Mary

The View

I'm sitting here
Admiring the view
Thankful for it's beauty
It's comfort
It's familiarity.
I've been here before
So I can close my eyes
and picture it still
And I know it all.
Deep breath in
Contented smile
Snapshot made
The scene is owned
Then the eyes open
As realisation strikes
- I own nothing
- I know nothing
I don't know
how each hill was f...

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Also by David Lindsay:

Sod Santa! |

Lagoons of sadness

entry picture

Cracked mud.  Black trees.  Dead grasslands.

Vast lagoons reduced to puddles.

Jungle Babblers scuff  beside the pathways.

A few ducks dabble.


But I remember Bharatpur before,

in ‘89 - the wetlands shimmering.

A haunt of Sarus Crane and Painted Stork

where duck counts peaked in millions,


and how a young man stood here once,  bedazzled

by dancing cranes and divin...

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Also by Tim Ellis:

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Risk your life for Freedom

Risk your life for Freedom
Or endure a life of torment.
Stress the future or the past
Or live here the Present.
Calm is found in being here,
It's like the promised land.
Leave behind the tears you've cried,
Come here and take my hand.
Another Time, another place,
Another Soul is trapped.
We must liberate them all,
If we are to adapt.
The Body is what grounds us to
The Earth in which w...

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Also by Eric Berard:

The man with eyes of Gold | His mind stood like a fortress once | Don't hold on to the past | You can't hurt the boy | Free yourself before they bind you | As I wipe the tears away | You make my whole world turn | Let all thoughts pass, emotions too | Once again, my vision fades |


The smell of burning paper which got extinguished in the rain.

The droplets of thoughts carry away my pain.

The cloud of judgement blurs out my sanity.

The screams of retribution diminish my vanity.

The pool of hypocrisy drowns me in.

The lewdness urges me to commit a sin.

The sacks of truth got leaked on its way.

The window of discrimination blocks out the ray.

The bowl of...

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Her mother I'll be

I won't put her in a place where she'll be forgotten,
Where the floors are dirty and the bedclothes are rotten,
Where others will taunt her and strip her of pride,
And watch her slowly wither, when her soul has died,

I will keep her and love her, as she loved me,
I will cook clean and sew, her mother I'll be,
And for that I'll be thankful and keep in my sight,
As I pay back the love, that...

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entry picture


After Mass                                                                                                    

you would walk us

to the newsagent

in your Sunday best

with waistcoat,

watch chain

and monogrammed



As you chatted

over the papers

Sunday Times

with News of the World

hidden inside

we each chose a gift.


I reme...

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David Subacchi.Welsh PoetryLiverpool poetryLiverpool Poets

I Love You Mum

Mum, you are my candlelight,

my angel, and my Silent Night.

More precious than a gift of gold

who wraps me up when I am cold.


Mum, you are my Christmas Day,

my North Star, and my snow bouquet.

You are my joy, my verse, my rhyme,

who I love more each Christmas time.

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ChristmasChristmas childrenChristmas PoemI Love You Mum

Hats off to the 60s: December 2015 Collage Poem

entry picture

Risky potential in another file

Back row snog leads to a smoke


Down on the couch with my

Ticket to ride

Carrying yesterday second hand

Across finer memories across leafy roads


And cherish the richest poor child,

Wellies, winkle-pickers, sinking mud.


And Mary pondered these

Things in her heart –

Women are smiles. Love wears wellies.

Telephones are sex...

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Also by Stockport WoL:

Hats off to the 60s |

60sCOllage PoemSixtiesStockport WoL

A Subaltern's Love Limerick

At tennis, she's graceful and healthy,
and then, in the car park, so stealthy.
I'm having some fun
with Miss Joan Hunter Dunn.
Yes, Surrey's more fun if you're wealthy.

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I'm Sensitive..

Yes..I am sensitive...

When someone  beloved behaves in a nutshell,

Yes I am sensitive..

When someone creates hallucination of kindness,  

 Then become barbarian,

To slay your inherant inborn kid of innocence,

Yes..I am sensitive, 

because..I like to talk about such philosophical stuff,

That makes you aware about unseen despicable conditions through your soul,

After Whic...

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Also by Ravi Tanna:

My Brother |

                                                            Lines to an aborted foetus.


                                                            It was most
                                                       discourteous of us
                                                   to suffer you enter
                                                into the ante room

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12 days after Christmas

On the first day after Christmas
My true love and I had 
A terrible, terrible argument 
And in tempter 
She threw a variety of pots 
And pans at me, 
so I strangled the
Partridge and burnt down the
Pear tree that my true love, 
My true love gave to me.

Things didn’t get any better 
By the end of the second day
When she started 
throwing plates at me 
like boomerangs
And so, in a v...

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State of Us

Intolerable acceptance, detached from chaotic reality,

we plunge progressively towards fabricated evolution,

embracing technological connectivity and simultaneous

dissolution of physical associations.

Attenuated perceptions of humanity at interent’s-length,

we surrender sentiment, favoring sheltered isolation,

disengaging from life’s unpredictable authenticity,

while content w...

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Elf in the shed

Yesterday I met an elf

Sneaking around in my shed.

What's your name? 

I heard myself say 

Giorgio, but you can call me Fred. 

So what ya doing here 

On this cold and wintery day?

Am gathering silvery, glistening spider's webs 

For Fairy Titania's wedding dress 

Gladys, the wood nymph,

Is busy sewing them together

With fine, golden threads.

But just now she's...

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Also by Anita Connor:

Friends | In the beginning | Gone on holiday! |

Now...Check it

entry picture

Greetings! My debut poetry book "Now" is available on amazon via Kindle Edition and in Paperback!


Happy Reading & Writing!


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Secret Sixties

entry picture


Heavy bourgeois stone

Composed of music, Pop Art

Cult of youth, sexual reform

Love rhetoric


Hides darker truth of

Racist chants, stiff-armed salutes

Gas mimed through hissing teeth

Bananas hurled from terraces

At startled, spittle-slicked forwards


Boys raped in children’s homes

Voiceless class

Prey for the Great and Good

Gagged tight for decades


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Secret Sixties

After T.S. Eliot

Weaving sunlight in one’s hair

Is not easy, uncle Thomas,

As you should have known best of all,

As I had to learn overall.


The days are grey and my energy saps

Sunlight I can no longer produce

And it’s all for nothing, all for no good.

I wish you had told me before.


And to tell me you tried, I grant you that,

My ears inattentive, or biased, or sad.

It’s alwa...

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Also by Celia:

Dead of night |

Julian's Yeats poem reminds me of one of Shelley's:-


An old, mad, blind, despised, and dying king,--
Princes, the dregs of their dull race, who flow
Through public scorn, mud from a muddy spring,--
Rulers who neither see, nor feel, nor know,
But leech-like to their fainting country cling,
Till they drop, blind in blood, without a blow,--
A people starved and stabbed in ...

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On re-reading Yeats' poem, below, I realised how apt it is to our own period, and slightly larger conflicts; seasonal, too.

The Second Coming


Turning and turning in the widening gyre   

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere  ...

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An Explanation To My Son

An Explanation To My Son
Mum sat bolt upright in the bed,
‘What was that noise downstairs?’ she said.
‘Schhnoorrrr!’ said Dad, still in deep slumber,
He too quickly felt effect of this unintended blunder,
As he was elbowed in the ribs with womanly force.
‘Aaaaah!’ Dad cried. ‘Shhhhh!’ Mum hissed and just to reinforce,
She clamped a hand upon his mouth and hissed through gritte...

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Also by Jacqueline Phillips:

Where I am |



#False awakening#KOD#OYS

Did you hear Goliath’s footsteps?

Tip toeing with a base! But dinosaurs can’t walk steathly.

Only a cat would; the house will quake if an elephant tried a scare ploy on me

Although it would be a scare, I’d also have to prepare for my fear.


Head back to cushion

Adjusting & sifting through these statistics

Did I just distinguish seeing myself see my...

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Brittle Leaves.


My great great great gran’mother.
Where are you Rosanna?
I thought when you die, you remain
to protect the children. I thought
in every shadow you would stand.
I dreamt Rosanna wore her ring.
She passed it to me saying; “I must go.
The shadow is for you now.” How can
I belong to a gypsy and not understand?
Gran’mother you left too soon.
I’ve become a brittle leaf, Rosanna. I

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Stone Circle on Divock Moor

Stone Circle on Divock Moor

Double ring of seventy five stones

Mostly flat set in the banked moor surface

Purpose unknown, lost in the mists of time

Bronze Age man must have gathered at this moot

The eastward view, mountains folded on one another

Fell-sides changing colour with the seasons

Provide a dramatic background

One large stone with no markings, no runes

Cleft wit...

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Moorland Mountain Rocks Stones Circle Cumbria

Bridging the gap

She loved her baby as she walked in that room.

Sterile and steel and cold.

It's not so black and white,

But gray.

A sea of gray in which to swim.

To drown.

The hum of machines like the lullaby she will never sing.

She loves her baby.

Maybe in another life, more generous to her.

Maybe in another body.

Maybe not.

She loved her baby as she walked in the room.

She l...

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Mid December


Christmas is on a murderous rampage

And I have neither the heart

Or the money to get



Still I’m reasonably up-beat


No meat or fine whisky

But good health

And the warmth of a woman whose

Love and patience

Continually astounds me


She’s away at the minute

Visiting friends


I wasn’t invited


No big deal



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Error Message


You click me or close me,

I will accept you anyhow.

You want me or you choose me,

I will reach you somehow.


I have been created,

for realization of your mistakes.

So that you are never complete,

and so you will need more retakes.


I will stare in your face,

even while you shout or scream.

I will come again,

even if you have no time too see.


I ...

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Also by Jojomon:

The Days of our cries... | Hinfallen |


She wanted freedom and security

Something that confused him.

Lock her in a cage

Or give her wings to grow.

Though he loved her very much

He cannot do what he does not know.


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Also by me.:

Bodies |

The iPhone of Beelzebub

I've stolen Beelzebub's iphone, now I know the numbers of his friends 

he's stuck for eternity without Facebook, oh how his hell never ends

I nicked St Peter's Kindle, now his words of wisdom are unsaid

Because I changed the password on his account, from Heaven swear words are sent

I hacked into Moses' iPad, now it's a tablet of stone

I wiped every file from the hard drive and chang...

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appleFacebookGodGoogleiphoneJesusJudasKindlePIN numbersReligionSkytechnologyTinderTwittter

Blessed Are We

To here the melody of birdsong,

and the distant church bells ring,

to feel the wind upon your face,

and see the beauty of a buttrerflies wing

to walk through dewy pastures

on an early summer morning,

and stroll along the country lanes

just as the day is dawning

to sit beside a trout stream,

and wile away the hours

and watch the rabbits at their play

amongst the mea...

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Also by oldlancsman:

The Demise Of My Town | What ever happened to the good old days. ? |

Looking over the shoulder

wasn’t so long ago in past


With hoards of aspirations

and prospects spread vast


Near lifetime since elapsed

never took stock to assess 


All dished if in conjunction

or dealt out somewhat less


Known paths earlier chosen

how divergent turned about


Handful proved pleasurable

few could be done without


In unr...

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Christmas Dinner

It's Christmas Day and you're stressed as fuck

'Cos all of the dinner you've still to cook

The bastard turkey refuses to defrost

The plot is gone, somewhere it's lost

It's been in the sink under the tap

The giblets are out and are staring back

It's as hard as fuck, it's as hard as ice

So into the garage and into the vice

Take the hacksaw in your hand

Feeling the urge of ...

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Also by Chris Briggs:

Hats Off To The Creatives | If Only........ | Why? |

The Killing of the Innocents

After what happened recently in Paris I wrote about the killing of innocent people.

Busy people going

About their lives

Fathers, husbands and sons

Mothers, daughters and wives


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Terrorists attack

The public running away

Watching their backs


Shock, horror and disbelief

Children screaming and crying

Wanting a parent or guardian

Loved ones...

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Sick, Sweet, Dark Cave.

Show me

to my sick


dark cave.


The cave where dreams stab at the clumsy waking mind.

Where the wounded and forgetful sleep crow is welcome and not mauled,

by the growling brown beast of perceived consciousness.


In the day I walk-


confident in the ground beneath my feet.

Falsely sure of the surrounding wood, predictable and ancient.


When I...

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Also by Corr Lens:

Tow Truck II | Tow Truck |

Chinese Village - 1960

Thin rags stuffed with straw we wore

in that terrible winter of 1960

Grass tying it around our bony bodies

Neighbours shuffled through the village

fell dead as dolls asleep  in the street

Doll-like remained unburied in the cold


Silence frozen on the careless air

The last ox eaten as it died

Fowls and ducks taken by The Party

no grain being left to pay the tax

No ...

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Also by Charlotte Peters Rock:

Chicken soup | Mother's Ramble |


Poetry Space Winter Showcase

entry picture

Lovely news this morning.  Just heard that my poem, 'Minced Lies' has been selected by poet, Di Coffey, to appear in the Winter Showcase of publishing house, Poetry Space Ltd. 

You can see the ten poems chosen by Di Coffey HERE.  Go and have a look.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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ChristmaspoemsPoetry SpaceWinter

Selfishly Hopeful

However hopeful a feeling

Some would be left reeling,

Would leave tomorrow without a greeting

To know hope could be so fleeting


If so selfish or altruistic

Hope can seem just unrealistic

Perhaps ‘twas there in drunken need

A separate drink would cause to plead


For reunion with the previous thought

The calm, contented one I fought

With bloody bleakness and co...

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What do you do when you find out your government is evil?

So, you realize that everything is falling downhill

You realize you are helpless and bound by the shackles of society

You realize that you spend your time

So you can spend money 

So you can waste your time

That while all of this distracts you

Children are being tortured and killed

Families are being ripped apart

Violence pervades both in reality and in entertainment


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religion or a witches spell

How can something strong be so frail?

How can something beautiful start to pale?

why does forever not last forever?

what do i do to find me a prayer?


I chose for love not cast or creed,

I chose a man who made me feel freed.

Religion turned our parents, they turned on us,

I turned on him, he turned on me.


I am caged again, my wings clipped again,

Nothing but rel...

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I want to be alone,
but only within my family.
I want to to teach you
but only with him too.
I want to help myself
but only if you help me.
I want to be confident
but only if you are there.
I want to be creative
but only if you allow me.
I want to be a parent
but only if I’m parented.
I want to be an adult
but only if I can be a child.
I want to feel emotions
but only if you hold me...

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growing upindependenceloveparenting

Early Morning Love Poem

early dawn
fades into grey

i carried your name
into the pale
winter morning

the sound
of the waking birds
touches skin
to skin

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It’s A Funny Thing

entry picture

It’s a funny thing

How the world doesn't end

But how it tries

Still everything is foreseeable, some say

And there is a pattern to these things,

Just as the way the milk swirls

Around the coffee cup

The solar system

Relaxes into it’s golden reel.

Even the very scene in this cafe

With its table and chairs

And newspaper

Dated December 1st

Are all part of predet...

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Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks

Your weary legs walked proudly to your seat

And having sat you could not bear to stand

Since standing meant submit to slow defeat

Forgoing principle for lame demand


Arrested, charged and jailed, you broke the law

But stood your ground, the senate heard your plea

While Martin Luthor spoke for what he saw

Supporters gathered strength, they set you free



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Your eyes maybe a little calm, however

Those blue hazel eyes ones of innocence,

Which I could stare forever.

You are naughty in whatever You do,

But You make things happen with prudence

That often ends with a Phew from You!

The cookies You eat from Your Pannikin,

Wagging Your tail as a sign of Thank you

Which we don't expect because for us You are Kin.

You don't besmirch...

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