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Grey Clouds in the Sunrise

Grey clouds in the sunrise,

Like smoke stack residue during the day skies


Its not what it was.


Full moons in the sunset,
Like the beginning of a story or a never ending trite vignette







RIP Marvin Lipofsky 

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The Snuggle Thief

Winter snuggles,
Seasonal struggles,
Cold and bold
Hello, gimme a hold 





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In The Line of Fire

Split splat, broken glass
Not my battle not my war
Lingual fire shots to the door
Escaping wrath, 



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Poop Poem

Butt stamping since 1992
Loosey goosey doodie doo panty flare

I saw shit stains in your underwear

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I fell in love with a noun

I fell in love.

Not with the typical noun,

Arvada, Colorado

I left my heart in that town




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Playing in fire

Last night I played with fire

The kind that burns blue,
And melts something new.

Last night I played with fire 

The good kind 

The kind that burns,
Never to tire

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Flooring it

Lay on the floor til you feel like yourself again

It's cool, it's hard

Don't move, stay there


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Stop signs are there for a reason

Doing things I know are no good
Knowing I could change, if I only would 
If I only would just stop 



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Muddled Brain Puddles

Splashing faucet water on a worn face.

The mask that hides what is muddled inside this foreign place.

Deepest, dreariest thoughts that depression and anxiety have brought.

Clearing the fog of these forethoughts, and splashing in the puddles to soften and loosen these brain clots.

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Closed Door

Closed door, closed door

Open it just a crack, that's just fine.

Push it

and it'll slam you to the floor


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An Animal Painting

Cackling cows, but the milk is sour.

Poison meat that we devour.

Broken hearts left to cower.

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