Once we were the dirty foreigners

Reaching for support

Smashed by war, people indifferent,

looking the other way

Betrayed by nations, hindering not helping

Exploited by the scum of the earth

Yes, once we were those dirty foreigners


In the name of no religion

Pray for us

Pray for the senseless killing in Paris

for the barbarous killing in Beirut

for the slaughter at a funeral in Baghdad

for the horrendous massacres in Nigeria

Pray for them all, for the people fleeing the terror

from people who would kill them

but most of all, pray for the world

that doesn't have a prayer

that only has a few belongings on its back

Pray for a world that is falling apart

Pray it is not the end of the world


Bless the full belly

Bless the safe roof over my head

Bless the mind still active

Bless the legs still working

Bless the mother that bore us

Bless the children of the world

Bless the friends, bless the peacemakers,

Bless our true leaders, bless our common sense,

Bless this country, bless this peace

and lastly not leastly, bless us one and all !!


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Tommy Carroll

Fri 4th Dec 2015 14:22

Joe don't pray- organise!

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