i do Stretches on the wall

to keep my adult posture

from returning to a crawl

as i’m put out to pasture

i’m learning from Life what is free

plus At minus has the pure

like the Winds may teach the tree

Gusts test if footing is sure

and Breezes cool all the leave’s

Cross to bear of us with fur

not just the one who believes

We have in our mind the cure

i just can’t...

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sorry to the who

but I don’t care to think I know you anymore

I'm like a pinball rolling towards what’s in store

I don’t even know what’s at the bottom 

of the slightly sloped hill but I ought err um

I’ll never know til I get down near IT, maybe

there’s nothing up here to change IT, maybe

with all these things and flashing lights

reflecting through my chrome coating 


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I’m listening to and watching me think

On thoughts of elders-philosophers-friends

It’s something like what I might eat or drink

At least til what doctors say are the ends


prefer cooking, setting my fire knobs

not blaming the lost ones caught in the gears

As it heats and bubbles to surprise blobs

Each pot a spirit level for quake fears


Sometimes in need or want for...

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Before I was trying to describe the sides

But all words hide our way to decide

Whether to laugh or cry

But I know now after doing time

In this life it’s never that cut and dry

So I just try to find the midline

And focus on the love to

Fly above or slide below

That need to be like the rich show

Sold with role words like good bad yes no

Promoting a society

Of climbin...

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A Like Rhyming Haiku for you

we're all the same heart

like cells under microscopes

touching but apart

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10 by 16

sometimes I wish I had a degree

so my shit could be read seriously

then I remember what I’m doing directly

This is how I deal with the conscious me


it’s how I get clear thoughts out of my head

It’s what I want to hear not what I dread

mostly we’re repeating what has been said

the tape speeds up when I get out of bed


I’m a real big fan; not Stan by the way  


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Free school

my test missed the University STEM

oh well, f**k it, they don’t have enough truth

I’ve learned that from Dick Gregory and them

wish I wasn’t wasting time in the booth

or repeating our rallies in the street

for a few hours from isolation

agents provocateurs long have us beat

getting past this is our evolution

how to keep Love, Truth, Justice, constantly

in all our tempora...

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It's all practice

I’m just trying to write

by practicing honest non-fiction

to find words in my mind

at best a close but weaker diction

to the best

that little writer is blessed

put him to the test

De La Rocha

he’ll coach ya

how to Rage Against the Machine

and get out of the fiction scene

put out for us by the vulture’s



If you’re reading and t...

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Football was fun and something to not flunk                              

before school, recess and lunch, we were clowns                      

we played even if in the mud our Chuck’s sunk                          

I can’t consume their commercial spunk                                      

between the fake-war-field kicks and downs                               

they want us eatin...

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Chant Down the common enemy


We’ll never rest after stating: we can’t

We need a short common word composite

Let’s make a global one love people’s chant

Not big media but the opposite


They want our minds to stay in their big box

They’re kind of good at scaring everyone

What they can really do good is kick rocks

They want to make sure to sell every gun


They’ll have us think Bill, young wo...

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For Michael

most of our greatest wise men are unknown

unless on the wide flat boob tube they’re shown

they can’t see through the big media mist

we know because we’re on that lucky list


writes a sonnet a day with convictions

of today’s news with ancient solutions

subtly or not included in each

they never know who’ll be the ones that teach


only our own values and what we are


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