Hymn of a Northern Clime

All hail the Winter Solstice!

The everlasting Sun

Force of Light and Life

Returns to us once more.


O Sun, we trust Thee.

Thou wilt not abandon us

To desolation of shadow

And frozen sleep.

We honour

Your guardians of gloom

The gliding Moon, your Eyes of Night

And Sky Fire.



We celebrate and make merry

With feasting, drink and song,

With festoons of bough and berry.

From peak to peak our beacons speak:

Rejoice! Our God does not desert us.

Let spirits shine -

Blaze with warmth of sharing!


Our faith falters not.

Once more Love returns

To lighten our darkness.

All hail the Winter Solstice!



Cynthia Buell Thomas



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Martin Elder

Mon 28th Dec 2015 16:33

Nice one Cynthia. I am liking this a lot.


Sun 27th Dec 2015 01:04

Hi Cynthia, I am glad you reposted this one. I have been struggling a bit to feel any connection to Christmas as where I am it's mid summer - so perhaps I need to do a bit of research into Summer solstice and traditions. Anyway, appreciate the post - can see why it's one of your favourites x

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 24th Dec 2015 16:23

A repost, yes. Indulgent? Oh, yes. Unashamedly? That too.

I thought a newish WOLer might enjoy this. It is one of my favourite pieces, especially at this time of year.

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