As I lay to sleep

The cold chilly air whispers through the gap in window
Making the curtain move to make many  a shadow 

Traffic is quiet on the street, yet I can hear the faint noise from the motorway as I lay in bed waiting to sleep

A woman's shoes tapping on the pavement as she makes her way home 
Marching on with the dim light of her phone 

A wind chime tinkles on a neighbours porch 
Reminding me of summer, the weather so warm the grass would scorch 

And now it's all quiet as everyone's asleep... The house makes its final creeks as it too rests like an old man in a comfy seat 

My body too relaxes feeling the weight of the day, joints and muscles tired from taking my children to play 
The duvet feels warm as it encases my body in its warm embrace
My eye lids feel heavy with dark circles showing on my face

Let the world sleep here with me except the full cast of the moon 
For the sun will rise early tomorrow and that will feel too soon xx 

◄ William Green

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