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sleep now

Sweet dreams. I hope the grass is greener, and that the people give you the time of day as they pass you by; a stick to cleave into the dirt so that you will know when to murmur my name and flutter your glassy eyes.

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short #3

It was on the sixth day of the arctic voyage that I realized that I hadn't brought any tampons. I was so wrapped up in becoming one of them that I scarcely had a thought about my feminine attributes. It was my adventurous demeanour that had brought me here, along with a few gifts that had been graciously donated by mother nature: a strong jaw that squared off my face and gave me a sort-of hellish ...

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short story

short #2

Us boys started off towards a thickening wood, Tom leading the way, making small chat about the shortened seasons this year while holding branches for me to pass through. As we neared a thickened grove of trees, I could hear a sad melody emerge from in front of us. I gave a start and reached out to touch Tom's jacket, however I noticed an upwards angle to his mouth that I had not yet seen. An expr...

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short story

short #1

My husband cheated on me, what an asshole. Why she used a typewriter to record this daunting thought was beyond her. Perhaps it was the slow but definite click, like the ticking of the clock. A reminder that although time feels still, it moves relentlessly on. Shit, it's dark. She whipped around to face the clock that covered most of the wall. It's huge hands were pointing to something but this cl...

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short story


I love you

I cannot think of a poem to write

I love you, do you love me?


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For one second I hate myself

I glance at my phone, there are no messages

I only see my hairy armpit and my swollen foot

When did I get this neglectful, this rotten?

Perspective is everything, I drunkenly stammer as I look over

My perfect freckles glint back at me from my nicely sized arm

They are like a constellation written across this seemingly sacred canvas

Maybe it's time ...

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How hard it is to know

When not in a state of absolute clarity

How simple pieces can impact you so drastically

So quickly

I wish I wish I wish

but now I just regret

Not staying, but being this way

Submissive to the peaks and slopes


I want to be with you

This has already been made clear

But what you don't know, recently

is just how much I want, need, crave


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excuse me

A classic plunder, a typical case

Somebody leaves with such distaste

Why are people so sensitive now

I really didn't mean to bend your brow

Or ruffle your feathers with words of remorse

You act like I used violence or force

Rasism, sexism, not my intention!

So please don't give me your tone of pretension

I only meant to poke a little fun

You should probably be in the kit...

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the truth of the matter is that it doesn't matter

and there really is no truth to it at all

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A prick to the arm as I graze it with the needle

This small reminder is what I need to keep looking up, 

Talking, smiling, walking, plugging into the reality 

That it is eight-thirty at night and not one on a Saturday

Don't close your eyes, don't let your mind wander off

These words are keeping my feet from swirling up into the chaotic nebula of my vivid subconscious 

These words...

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falter and break

You, my love, will know now

That my manicured and tailored shell

lends to a flailing, festering doubt.

And when my vessel rots away,

I fear that it will mark my unholiness as a girl,

as I have painted the deadliest of sins 

across my ribs and across my skull.


Let this be my repent.


Let it be known that in times of my suffrage,

of my embarrassment and my uncerta...

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no esteem

As ironic as the creases in my forehead giving me a relentless migraine

The professions of love that we exchanged only this morning has me worried and lonely for tomorrow.

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late night?

chocolate sharks pillage the unsuspecting souls

whose grief wears away the fine layer, a moult

underneath, no lack for luster, a delicious sight

but the stunning makes the stunned, and all must go to bed

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Staggering home alone, intoxicated

From another birthday now belated

Booze translates to insomnia medicated

I used to be an animal but am again domesticated

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