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Her mother I'll be

I won't put her in a place where she'll be forgotten,
Where the floors are dirty and the bedclothes are rotten,
Where others will taunt her and strip her of pride,
And watch her slowly wither, when her soul has died,

I will keep her and love her, as she loved me,
I will cook clean and sew, her mother I'll be,
And for that I'll be thankful and keep in my sight,
As I pay back the love, that...

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What if nothing really meant nothing?

We use this word so flippantly,
In everything we do,
I've nothing in the cupboards,
But we all know that's not true,
There's nothing on the telly,
There's nothing in my purse,
I've nothing to wear right now,
This nothing is a curse,
I've nothing i can offer,
Nothing left to give,
Nothing in my life right now,
Nothing but to live,
But what a load...

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Black Friday Stampede

Avaricious nation, I want no association,
There's starving people, your being sheeple,
What's up with you UK?
No need for the greed, it's a planted seed,
Leave the telly's, feed the belly's,
What's up with you UK?
All for a saver, it's a poverty waver,
Feed mankind, not pockets lined,
What's up with you UK?
All for the sake, a Merry Christmas to make,
Yet you play along, you've got it so wrong,
What's up wit...

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Beautiful creatures


In our world of innocence and light,
We live amongst demons and sinners,
In our world of silence and comfortableness',
We have lost, and they become winners,

But we are the beautiful creatures,
The timeless souls of verse,
We can nourish and feed ourselves,
In our script we self immerse,

We can make all the bad disappear,
And write of a life surreal,
But alas our open hearts fail ...

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I died inside

I'm just tryna get on,
Don't ask for much,
As much I have,
With good family and friends,
I don't do to bad,
But there's a feeling of emptiness deep inside,
I'm keepin it quiet, but inside I've died,
I don't like to share the failure I feel,
For a glimpse of hope, I would beg, borrow, steal,
Tears keep rolling from my blue blue eyes,
I'm keepin it quiet, but I've died inside,
All feeling...

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The Shame

Nothing hurts more than the pain of asking for help,
Nothing hurts more than the cry within your soul, 
Nothing hurts more than the shame of asking for food,
And to feel normal,

Nothing scars more than the jeers of the satisfied,
Nothing scars more than their look of disgust,
Nothing scars more than the shame of asking for food,
In this day and age,

Nothing pains more. than me, as a parent. not providing,

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The top of the world

I fell of the top of the world today,
It was a great height,
I tumbled to the ground,
With a thud,
I knew I would,
I could of held on if i tried,
But you lied, I cried, we died,
I fell of the top of the world today,
It was beautiful up there,
I never had a care,
In the world,
I had flowers, 
Icicle showers, 
Magic powers,
And you.....
It was all so clear,
No fear,
No dread,
As i lay in a bed,
Of clouds and shrouds o...

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She's always been there


She's exposed, I suppose, but who knows,
What's going on in her mind?
She's vulnerable, like a candle,
Sometimes I can’t handle,
She can burn you and turn you,
With the flame, is she insane?
Physically drain my brain and cause me pain,
But it’s not meant, her mind is not bent, but it’s spent,
Take the time, make the time, don't leave it too late for time,
Coz time won't wait, till it...

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Deression imp

Creeping up your stairs at night, As you lay asleep in bed, The depression imp slides in your room, And straight inside your head, He starts to play his little game, Your at his beck and call, Whispering all bad thoughts, Your dreams begin to fall, You start to doubt your confidence, Along with hope and will, He's eating your very essence, ...

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Winter Olympics

In the flood canoe rescue,

Great Britain take the lead,

In the pilfering of houses,

We get gold for the greed,

In the skeleton were top, 

As the food runs out to quick,

For children and the aged,

The poor and the sick,

Sandbag filling quickness,

We have that one to,

The army lads champion that,

The royals helped with a few,

Evacuation sprint, Won by counties, fi...

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Neknomination it's a sensation of the younger generation, 

But how foolish and ghoulish trying to act coolish,

They drink sin after sin after sin from a bin, chin chin,

So wrong, along with the urging and surging from people emerging,

From the gutter, they stutter, he's a total nutter........

DRINK, Don't think,

Of the consequence, or comeuppance, don't repent, 

It's meant to ...

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My Hero

entry picture

You took your first breathe and I held mine,

I knew I would love you, till the end of time,

Every moment I nurtured you with love in my heart,

Knowing that nothing could keep us apart,


I taught you respect above all its true,

This has made you a man through and through,

I helped you with homework, English and maths.

I taught you to swim in the local baths,


I shape...

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The shivers that creep up your back,

The smells, the sounds that bring you back,

The city streets that call your name,

You know it will never sound the same,

Fish and chips at the pier head dock,

Time stands still on the Liver bird clock,

The Mersey breeze through your hair,

In all the world you haven’t a care,

Butties of jam with corporation pop,

10p mix from the corner...

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The cloak

The words he spoke made me choke, I don't wanna croak, not under the cancer cloak,

My eyes they streamed, waters of dreams and sun beams but I know what it all means,

It's not a day out or a way out not even when I scream and shout,

My ears hear fears, stupid words and things obsurd, I can't be a chancer, not with cancer, im not gonna be a dancer,

In heaven or hell, I don't wanna dwell...

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The Beehive

Your not only tarred by the clothes you wear,

It's colour if skin and style of hair,

It's your walk your talk or accent you speak,

It's your sexual gender, your strength or your weak....ness,

If your a hoody a goody or an old fuddy duddy, you are judged,

Your not only judged by the way you live life,

It's the size of your house, your car or your wife,

It's your stance your gla...

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A simple prayer

A simple prayer


Dear Lord, yes it’s me again,

Sorry to bother you with my pain,

I know your busy and work so hard,

But I need you to listen, to my bard,

Just a little favour is all I ask,

From you a small but mighty task,

I ask you this with all my soul,

In my life now it’s my only goal,

I’ve never asked from you before,

I promise I won’t ask anymor...

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The Mirror

The Mirror


I see her every day,

Same hair, same stare,

She looks sad and mad and bad,

She closes her eyes and wishes,

She wishes and wishes,

No wishes come true,

But………. they could do,

Hopes that last a moment are gone,

Dreams are there, they surround her,

They linger in the air, waiting for her stare,

To see it, to take it, make it or break it,


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The earth and her lover




The silence of the snow as it,

Carries the winter across the land,

It is unnerving,

Each flake, a spirit waiting to be reborn,

Its new, its concealing, its inviting,

A white mask descends onto the face of mother earth,

It covers her history of wrinkles,

Her centuries of faults and all her impurities,

She becomes new once again,

Clean…. ...

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My first love

My first love

You ruled my life you chose my path,
You told me when to cry and laugh,
My mind not mine to take control,
I lost my faith, I searched my soul,

My family became very concerned,
With bruises and marks and lies I churned,
I convinced them well, with a fairy tale,
And lied to them on every scale,

You made me feel worthless and vile, 
I started to believe it after a while,
Everything I d...

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Forget me not

entry picture

Forget me not

She spat, she swore she fumed on me,
This little old lady of seventy three,
She called me bad and ugly as sin,
She said all this with a comfortable grin,
Her contempt for me was clear as day,
I asked her why she felt this way,
She tore my top and scratched my cheek,
Pulled my hair and cried “you freak”,
I took all this with no attitude,
Her language so vile and manner so r...

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full moon

Something to cheer you up....... i hope :)

Full moon

Look at that moon; it’s beautiful he said,
As he pulled the covers over his weary head,
It’s so full and round and plump and bright,
I will find it difficult to sleep tonight,

What are you on about his wife asked shy,
I see no moon up in that sky,
I only see stars and clouds and a plane,
I’m sure you’re going quite insane,

I’m not going mad, s...

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I want to hurt you, desert you, socially disgrace you,

Shame you, break you, and publically deface you,

Simply and quite easily displace you,

But I can’t,


I want to beat you, delete you, silently defeat you,

Spite you, fight you, locally expedite you,

Gently and easily overwrite you,

But I can’t,


I want to kick you, flick you, psyc...

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another summer of discontent


Another summer of discontent


I’m sick of looking at your poker face,

Your tryna kill of the working class race,

Just keep on fuelling our ever burning fire,

Coz the embers keep igniting our desire,


A better future, I hear you say,

But it’s us poor, who have to pay,

You cut us down, like we are a disease,

You’ve done more than bring this country ...

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Inner Demons


Inner demons


The anguish, the waiting, the anticipating,

The gut wrenching, stomach clenching, pain administrating,



The breathing, the seething, the loss of believing,

The expecting, heart beating, brain incompleting,



The fearing, the tearing, the scare of deceiving,

The pacing, blood racing, never facing,



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Mud is good,
It's dead good mud,
It's in me blood,
but where not understood,
us people of mud,
In the shadow of a gas tank and born on a mersey bank, i lived on cobbled streets dark and dank,
i played on a ship that sank, and for anything else i wouldnt thank....... you
On king street docks, girls in cheap frocks, curly locks, time tocks, the boat rocks,
The tanyard smell made life hell for all that...

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Garston town




Cobbled streets, wet and black,

Chimney smells take me back,

The tanyard stink that hung like fog,

The eerie howl of Johny potts dog,


The gasworks hiss I knew so well,

St. Michaels graveyard, Holy’s bell,

The wagons roar down King street road,

The big cranes clank, as they unload,


Floppers take in milk and news,

Mrs Ma...

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justice for the 96




The storm is coming, Mr Cameron dear,

you better prepare for your officers fear,

96 ride that blackened cloud,

they shout for justice clear and loud,


For 23 years its been kept at bay,

the truth is out, the angels pray,

they pray that the law, will carry their cross,

For the souls they took, the souls we lost,


Shame ...

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Not plain Jane

Me names Jane, they say I’m insane, I’m insane Jane, yep, that’s me name, I’m chatty, batty sometimes catty, Predictable, despicable I find everythin lick-able, I’m mad and bad and sometimes glad, to be called insane, Me name is Jane, insane Jane, I’m ecstatic erratic, quite diplomatic, so why lock me in the attic and watch me acrobatic off the walls the halls in me under smalls,...

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Being locked in, this place of sorrow,
I live in hope, for today, 
and tomorrow,
Hope of a release, a pardon agreed,
its rest that i yearn,
my soul to be freed,
I watch life pass by, like a movie or play,
not being able to partake,
no words can i say,
I talk through this aid, my eyes ...

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