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Jan lehutjo on (Mon, 28 Dec 2015 11:18 am)

Jan lehutjo on (Mon, 28 Dec 2015 11:14 am)

These words in my head 

have been left unsaid 

for i am not yet dead 

but you have left me speachless 

and i now have no beath to speak 

and you have made me week 

week in my knees 

for i cannot see

how much damage you really coused me 

i cannot speak 

my mouth just dropped 

but these feelings cannot stop

i love you so 

so much that i cant take no more and ha...

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50 words just for you.

50 words just for you

I love you

When the sky is blue

And then it’s just me and you

For ever us two

I love you



Love is like rain

Because you’re always in pain

I hope that love will come again

Because this is making me go insane

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My last resting place.

I am surprised

That I actually survived

Because I am honestly dying inside

No one really knows

But that’s just how life go’s

But it’s not all that bad

You know punching chad

I get to think to myself

And think about something else

But it doesn’t always work

I can get choleric

And sometimes want to take phosphorus

And depart this life

To one’s last resting plac...

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