Where I am

Where I am

The festive lights sparkle

Glistening in

The eyes of my strangers

I assimilate insensibly

For it is dark where I am

And they do not understand

Why there is no tree


Innocent laughter tears

Excitement free

From warm-hearted tokens

My gift is emptiness

For it is cold where I am

And he doesn’t understand

Why there is no tree


Smiles of celebration sing

In harmony

Shinning loves shouts

My barren scorns

For it is silent where I am

And we do not understand

Why there is no tree


A familiar protective unity

Of togetherness

Slams me with fortunate

Meaningless display

For it is lonely where I am

And you do not understand

Why there is no tree


Sugarplum dreams dance

And whisper

Confidence in futures

My silence screams

For nothing is where I am

And I do not understand

Why there is no tree


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Jackie Phillips

Fri 11th Dec 2015 00:05

Thanks you so much, both of you for such positive feedback. It truly makes a difference to how I feel about my writing when others, who know the pains of trying to put things which are kind of indescribable, into words. Get what it is that I am trying to convey. Xx

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Tim Ellis

Thu 10th Dec 2015 12:56

I like how you've put subtle variations into the repeated lines, and how those repeats contribute to the emotion of despair that permeates the poem. (Maybe "like" isn't the right word - it's well written is what I'my trying to say!)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 9th Dec 2015 16:59

The last verse is really good, bringing the theme to the personal.

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