The Street

The monkeys in the parlour banging on a drum
The child is skipping in the yard, watching having fun. 

A boy of only seven dressed in his Sunday best Is chasing the can down the street, all his friends look on impressed 
The mistress is getting ready, with her lipstick shocking red, 
slowing pulling up her stocking and putting perfume upon her chest.

The old ladies washing clothes against scrubbing board, soap soaking all her piny,
Whilst her husbands out getting drunk in the inn they call the ginny.

The rent man is chasing his dues from the tenants on the street,
Who are slowly closing their doors, as if they aren't in, to try to be discrete.

The milk mans gone in number 12 and he's been there for an hour ,
The baby sitting in her pram outside waiting, the milks gone sour. 

The young respectful lady is cleaning her window cills and floor.
Watching all the antics unfold that she can discuss with her friend next door.

Tea is brewing and the cakes are baked ... The friend welcomes in her guest. 
As the respectful lady takes a seat and waits for all the rest.

The old lady with a damp piny sits in the comfy arm chair, 
The wireless is playing so the gossip she doesn't care. 

Prams are moved from one corner of the street as the mistresses with smudged red lippy takes the remaining seat.

The money has stopped drumming and the children sit upon the rug, 
stuffing ginger nuts into their mouth, lip reading  and looking smug. 

◄ Urgh....

Water ►


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