we live alone

We live alone.

We die alone.

It is the natural state of things.

There is no need to fret about it.

Those seemingly close, will see out our end.

When we die it is with no regrets

Our life force extinguished.

We need to have lived out our life,

To the full, to the brim,

From our central hearts core.

Nothing is more important, nothing more !!



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Thu 31st Dec 2015 20:56

A pragmatic and workable solution to the meaning of the universe that we experience in the here and now!


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 31st Dec 2015 16:39

I recall a line from long-ago biblical teachings to the effect
that it was sinful to hide one's light under a bushel - or
words to that effect, indicating that we should make the
most of whatever "gifts" we are given that reach out to
others. These lines allow for that whilst accepting the
ultimate solitary nature of creative thinking and the finality
of physical life as we know it - and the acceptance of
that reality without rancour.

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Vicki Ayers

Thu 31st Dec 2015 15:57

Very true - I try to not regret & 'live life to the full & to the brim' - lovely x

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