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The View

I'm sitting here
Admiring the view
Thankful for it's beauty
It's comfort
It's familiarity.
I've been here before
So I can close my eyes
and picture it still
And I know it all.
Deep breath in
Contented smile
Snapshot made
The scene is owned
Then the eyes open
As realisation strikes
- I own nothing
- I know nothing
I don't know
how each hill was formed
the names of the farmers who built the stiles to every field
or the names of those who now own those blankets of land
I cannot begin
to count every blade of grass
to measure the mist
to know the age and history of every tree
The past of the very bench I'm sat on
is a mystery to me
The winding roads have their own heritage
And I can't say who first walked it's length
Or where that plodding bus was built
Or where it's been since it's birth
The cars stuck behind are heading on their own unique journeys
I can't vouch as to where to or where from
Far less state the words and thoughts of those cocooned inside
Or declare the depth of any of the puddles they pass
I can't tell you the wattage of the bulb
Shining through that distant window
Still less how warm the sun will feel in an hour
Or the direction the wind came from, even ten seconds ago
The provenance and future of those clouds
Cannot be told by them
Let alone by me.
Eyes close once more
I know nothing but
the fact that this view
In this moment
Does belong to me
And that maybe, somehow
I'm all the wiser for knowing less.

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David Lindsay

Thu 31st Dec 2015 11:51

Thanks very much for your kind and thoughtful comments.

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Harry O'Neill

Fri 18th Dec 2015 20:11

Sometimes knowing the enormous number of the things that you don`t know (and yet clinging to those moments you do know) is the very best kind of knowing that there is (there is a kind of humility in it)...and in this.

J Graham

Fri 18th Dec 2015 12:45

I enjoyed going on this journey to your view.
I especially loved your last line, I completely agree :)

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Martin Elder

Fri 18th Dec 2015 08:00

This has a nice pace to it as well as a brilliant content and description.

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