I'm as quiet as a mouse hiding under your floor and as quick as a spider through an open door 

I can get graded like an achievement but it's not one you'd like 
The higher the grade will give you an awful fright 

But don't worry I won't hurt you as I consume all your cells .. As I bring down your immune system and take you to hell 

I may give you a lump.. A bump or a kiss on your skin 
Just to show you I'm here as I move along within 

I love all your organs and I'll do my best to stop them work 
I'll travel through your blood .. That's my only perk 

You can call me many names but I like the BIG C ... Because I'm getting bigger and I'll work through every city 

I don't care if your rich or if your poor .. If your healthy or over weight ... It's just a body I adore. 

But don't worry I'll give you signs that I'm loving you inside ... Then it's up to you if you fight me or hide. 

◄ lost love pt 2

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