What ever happened to the good old days. ?

This peice of writing is an extract from a circular i received and thought it may be of some interest to some readers.         Whatever happened to the good old days when britania ruled the waves,people kept the laws,was polite and courteous,we didnt have much money but we were happy.    people whistled and sang,and there was still the united kingdom,our country we had fought for, our freedom,democracy,but where is it now ?,but it is the fundamental change and moral decay in societys values which is the hardest to come to terms with,  back then we were rigidly taught good manners an respect for older people but the nanny state has ruined all that,television programmes are full of vioence,and obscene language.  this land of hope and glory is in reality a land of yobs,addicts,drunks and teenage mothers who think they are owed all for nothing.  those men who gave their lives for king and country only for britain to become an offshore island of a europe were france and germany hold sway,ironic is,nt it ? this is not the country they fought for,political correctness,lack of discipline,compensation madness,uncontroled immigration,the do-gooders have a lot to answer for.  bring back hanging for murderers and rapists,put more bobbies on the beat keeping ou citizens safe instead of masses of doing paperwork, were their sacrifices made so hooligans mau run wild,and aggressive behaviour be accepted as the norm by tv interveiwers,and society in general.  we were the proudest, greatest,and the strongest nation on earth,look at us now....if churchhill or any f our fallen heros who died in battle came back now they would,nt recognise this country,not only that,they would be furious,and disgusted and bewildered,they would feel betrayedby modern britains obsession with triviality,lies,filth, and smut, what a contemtable nation we have become.


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