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Self Surgery

Whatever remains

The sense of me

Leaves are slain

From an autumn tree


They shed away

From my reach

What was okay

Now obsolete


My form elapses

Moments, they leave

I battle for a map

But I cannot compete


I am nothing more now but montivagant

An older version of myself a monument

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On Ode to a Great Day

Oh, this day!

A merciful day it may be

With a side dish of laughter

And smiling faces the main course


Oh, this day!

I wish it never ending

Might the hours flow unwillingly

I’d fall of great exhaustion


Oh, this day!

There be no false representation

It is sure a wonderful evening

So, may the sun never set


Oh, this day!

So fine and becoming

No ...

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An Ode to Her

She draws a breath

It is but a whisper

Sssh, you shouldn’t tell the rest

But I have really missed her


The way of her ambitions

The way of her words

Oh, such an inspiration

If only you had heard


Ah, so astounding she could have been

With those positive notions for humanity

Then she forgot the words she used

And they no longer rhyme


The snow matched...

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Friend for a Day

One, two, three, four
Solitude surrounds me
The odd one out
Baring chattered teeth

Or so it feels
I can't really say
But it exists
And it aches

If I had a wish
For only one thing
All I'd ask for
Would be a friend for a day

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My blood is kept in a capsule in which she carries
She uncorks the top and it dribbles into the ground
Sinking below me, in the roots I stand over
And it devours me like quicksand as well her screams

My body is cold.

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My Last Entry

Soon, vines made their way around my heart, holding on to a life I had lost at the sight of her back. It held me in place long enough that in that moment, my chest had forgotten how to dance. It could only push through with snow instead with it's natural warmth, leaving me cold. And my body was slowly becoming an ocean, bruised and wrinkled and it was then had I realized I was drowning with no...

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My feelings were punctured, like I was bleeding in another universe but I was in this one stuck living with an ache in my chest that seemed to cry out to what was death.
 and then there was the emptiness, where time elapsed in days so grim, so blatantly, so blind.

 Blindly, I walked on a land that doesn't seem to exist, as if I was levitating on empty ground, a path of what was nothing.


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For They Grow

The sun guides the floral buds into apropos bloom
Sleeping with the security off the weightless moon
The wind moving them all, swaying proud
And they live so much more than in the ground.

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Too Soon

Instead of breaking the mirror of bad luck
It's smashed my image, the shards cut me up
I am a black cat that prowls on the midnight road
Chased by hurried joyriders of life, this is getting old
For what good can I reflect?
What is left of this mess?
Then before, much less.

Lets sing ourselves to bed
Put it all aside, rest for the moon
Lets lay down our weary heads
It was all just too s...

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Sarah Unique

Wounds wrapped fervertly,

Like tongues held convex,

Body of a halloween pumpkin,

Faces carved amongest.


Featured with humour of a clownfish,

Eccentric above mediocrity,

A drunken smile without a fee,

So in depth of trouble.


The malleability of the heart,

Rope thin, any moment to be cut,

Ready to burn into tatooed insults,

Releasing control for a night.


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My love, my love,

Coated in thin gold,

Grinning like treasure, rare,

Fanning the flames that burn old.


My rapture, my rapture,

Cordial as my heart beats,

Docile like a child of God,

Reaping, our affection breached.


My light, my light,

We rebirth from fratured domains,

Like pillars, we balance ourselves,

From a wildfire of etched cranes.


Aussie, my...

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Colossal, his voltage,

The pressure of a pounding door,

Genuine, in gleaming hearts,

Insight now, glaciers soar.


Chronicle, dynamic sirens,

Merit dexterity in lips,

Vigor, witchcraft in the drafts,

Temperate to us in blitz.

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Forest Maiden[P2]

"Thy land is our sanctuary, fair"

"Even, thy land hast fallen through,"

"Thou shant be corrupted within fears,"

"For thy lives of all shall renew."


"For not to be afraid,"

"Arise to the crystal moon,"

"Thyself musn't be swept,"

"Endure the ankles broom."


The convulsions had begun to cease,

As Nature stood together in bliss,

Weeping retorted to serene tears,


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Forest maiden[P1]

Hands high in her dress,

The maiden wanders,

In the mist of the glen,

Humming a sacred ponder.


Faeries flowing anxieously,

Followed by boastful hares,

So bound in eloquence,

Sweet as a sunlit glare.


Her blanket atop,

Fur of an infant kitten,

Her eyes walking the ancient grounds,

As her dreams began to glisten.


Tranquillity absorbed out of place,


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For rest.

He was a forest,

Serene and peaceful blends,

Resonant sounds from tasteful birds,

Crescendo stong on the skys end.


He transformed to a leaf,

So callous, lacking empathy,

A lead coloured pole through the neck,

Sunk in the shore, his sympathy.


He then, formed to fire,

Bitter to the deepest core,

Crisping every branch fallen under,

 WIth not a spirit to endu...

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Chilling winter ash had fallen cautiously, ditching gravity,

Melting into a slick freezing river,

Drifting gases of burning oak glide in ease,

Flying free, winds huff.


Clouds reflecting the verge of the soggy, bedded floor,

An avalanche of cornflower blue pouring,

The ginger sun blooming the pillows of the night,

With sparks iiluminating their inner beauty.



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Moons Dusk

Feasts of attracting waves begin to rise,

The crimson, fruity flame constealing from sight,

Combusting pillows swing out of the sky,

Whisling breaths cresendo octaves high.


Feathers serenade the day asleep,

A whire sphere pops its head in for a peek,

Humming soundling to there heart tossing melodies,

Contorted with dancing sparks of joyful beams.


A trickle of shin...

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I grip the blade,

I can't cut,

I handle the rope,

Unable to tie the knot.


I had a bottle of pills;

Poured them down the drain,

I lost the suns warmth,;

Waited in the rain.


A thought of your essence,

I swiftly hold back,

Every weappn of mine,

As the force slowly lacks.


Letting my sadness roam,

But not a thought roamed,

'Cause you're fighting,


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Lovefightingself harmfriendshipstaying strong

The Faol's Tale of Forsaken Love

Leader of his own pack,

A high slope, only to his lonesome self,

Lost connection toward the skys tired eyes,

Ears tucked in deepening sulk.


He'd given up on prey's prayful ease,

Wrapped in dolefuls constructed salute,

As if every pelt surrounded him in scorn,

Soon forgotten travail, a yelp inflicted his oiled mood.


Cascading into his perception, he had seen a limb...

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Being aloneanimalsloveoutcastsuicidesorrow

In Screaming Rain(Thoughts in the rain)

Laying against the darkest wall,

Memories clogged in contorted shock,

Losing consiousness to everything in all,

Its brightest moments dashing up the clock.


The stars dissolve as the sky swiftly falls,

Balled unto the shredded grass,

A lightened match, then a blow to the flames jaw,

Water sunk in the jeans of my last.


Cladded grief material upon my wrist,

Marks ...

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Self harmsuicidecontemplationrainnaturehatred


Panicked pity, your heart is benign,

Groaning guilt, your fate's been denied,

Slipping slowing, your lost in burns,

Blinded blinking, your dream's been purged.


Winding winds, you're raining in sunlight,

Summer sighing, shifting to another paradigm,

Silence staring, causium into waters blanket,

Comtemplating clicks, clocking the next second.



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Being brokensuicide

Piecing of the Broken Heart

Fragments of my heart began to scatter like narrowed tears,

Foraging the pieces to corrade together, 'till the very near.

I frech as I hear the boastful brontides approach

Agonously attempting to grasp on to my unconvienent hopes.


My eyes are discerpted, bleeding tears of remorse

Time had fleered me from its natural habitat

Balefully, it mocked my optimistic ways


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Broken heartaloneconfusionlost love

Beauty Unseen

Frozen sighs shadow thick,

Fire heaving through the giants teeth,

Her silk dress gliding gently, serene,

Eyes beating like drums on Winter Eve.

He quells her silent tears,

Caressing her sea of particles,

Eliminating the smudges wept across her jaw,

For her eyes spilled a thousand written articles.

"Beauty, beauty is within and without,"

He articulates, palm leveling her ...

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Into Sunset

Ardent eyes locked into yours,

Sacred trees darting at the winds breath,

Zealous whispers brume in ears,

Awhile, agliffed leaves stuggle past in the breeze.


Vehement love crafting unto our skin,

A curtain from this musty home drawn,

Fireflies light up amongest our blooming eyes,

Oh love of mine, lets run past Eternity's guarddogs.


Then on, into sunset we prevailed...

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