Fight or Flight (my second ever rhyming poem)

I’m hyper-aroused in Aldi

There’s a mammoth down the meat aisle


I’m frozen, fawning, fleeing through fear

As a sabre-tooth tiger lopes past the beer


I’m sweating and smothered by a lack of my box

A spear flies past me and lands in the socks


My adrenal medulla is full of dismay

As a brontosaurus destroys the Christmas display


There’s a cascade of catecholamine pummelling my brain

A T-Rex just missed me and its coming again


I need to get out of here, my amygdala is pissed

I’m peering past  raptors to find offers I’ve missed


Im hyper-aroused in Aldi

Its fight or flight or no cheap shite.





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steve pottinger

Thu 3rd Dec 2015 10:22

Made me chuckle on a dismal grey morning. Thanks!

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Wed 2nd Dec 2015 20:45

This has almost a Noel Coward presence (on LCD). Very entertaining and different approach, and as always, educational, Stu! Ray

J Graham

Wed 2nd Dec 2015 18:41

You took me on an interesting adventure into a supermarket. I felt like I was wrestling dinosaurs with you.

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