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reflection of self
unravel the known
laws of attraction

© juhi gupte

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Yeah, you goofed up a lot
A lot more than you recall
Beam with your smile
Glow! Show! Give a try!
But now you 

Mistakes take long to set up
Not that you have given up
Rise with your arms open
wrap!!scrap !! Rectify!
But now you

Only you know whats your craft
The world is needy of that draft
So with your skill
Kindle!! Follow!! Magnify
but now you


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Deccan's Daughter

Wrap-a-round the waist
Of brown dried leaves
empty nests and lakes
gusts eroded soil
closed ones left her

Singed yet yearning
defies upheavals
Sun tries the hope
; had locked clouds
in a deep dungeon
beneath blue shrouds

“Bleak sprouts bliss
, I shall stand tall”
Quips the Queen
one dawn in June
receives a reward
from the monsoon

Brocade black blouse

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I then chant your name

"Ungodly hour"; calling it a day

half well spent , rest in dismay

now wide awake, partly insane

Lost!! I then chant your name


For the silver ball, the gleaming one

  Sole-dark-walk is not much fun

Stars to love, clouds to blame

Thoughtful!! I then chant your name


Hovered by those past images

Have dared to march the mazes

Breaking old-rigid, fussy-frame


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Be you!!


Mom, sister, wife & daughter

Have portrayed as a role

Chased the calm charisma

Will they love you as a soul?


Appeased with offerings

Caged as a muse to woo

Chiseled stone into “goddess”

Do they see the one in you?


Butchered daring dreams

Blindfolded you with norms

Dreaded by the resurgence

Would they trigger the storm?


Praises are a vicious t...

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Proclivity in twin souls

Flames frenziedly

Melts in closeness

Freezes when friend-zoned

It exists; it persists

Never dies!!

© Juhi Gupte

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A fathomable february day

first & the fair, leaves the bay

sweet reveries cherishable

welled-eyes, departing  ceremonial

bidding him farewell


© juhi gupte

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And be Eumoirous!!

When it rains in the run

Your dream dampens

Shout it loud, to those clouds…

It’s time for your neo-sun

And be Eumoirous


Fleeting are the charms

Don’t walk the norms

Empty the fear-filled casks

“Today”, your era embarks

And be Eumoirous


Self-doubts are brutally canny,

Defiantly, end their tyranny

Question the answers, now

Tell them you won’t bow


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You don't pick a book to read,

It picks you, to be read!!

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Pondy Diaries

ardent waves,stoical rocks

radiant moon,soaked in sunkiss

sands of serenity,beaches of bliss

mesmerizing memoirs

Pondy diaries

© Juhi Gupte

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Tulsi and the Christmas Tree

One was restive at the battlefield

HE pulled the chariot for the entirety

Leafy garland draped, couplets were sung

HE beamed at the love of the devout


Nails were hammered in his limbs

HE cleansed the sins of humanity

A bush decked and carols hummed

HE smiled at the love of the devout


Call him a cowherd or a shepherd

Imbibes the shape given by devotee

Praise ...

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Season's gift

A zealous bird back to nest

Battles of skies fought

Some scores sought

Throughout the day

A wrinkled hand opens the door

I sneak in her shawl

Best season's gift

© Juhi Gupte

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New Year

Arranged all pictures

Of few compelled adieus

Some permanent reveries

Cherishing both

Welcome me new year!!

© Juhi Gupte

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Moonless Night

Draped a studded saree

Sprayed scented winter breezes

Night now becomes icy

awaiting him to show up

Darkest is the new moon

© Juhi Gupte

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Love me this way, if you love me too

Often have seen you stuck
Amid being smart and schmuck
Here’s my answer to how should you?
Love me this way, if you love me too

Wake up with me at the dawn-break
Yawn, smile and kiss my forehead
Wish a good morning before I do
Love me this way, if you love me too

Avoiding me is a gross mistake
In a quick second, respond me back
At least twice a day, say “I miss you”
Love me this way...

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Screen of sky

Scroll up, scroll down

Light breaks, night-wreaks

Memories breathe, feelings sigh

Amongst his status updates


© Juhi Gupte

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Doing bad to right one

Doing good to wrong one

Pain becomes a comfort

Suffocation is by choice

Freedom is an inconvenience


© Juhi Gupte

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Have been a mother, will I be a mom?

Whilst the squalls, ‘have been standing tall

Concerned for others, kind of mum-to-all

Once I want to kiss your divine arm

Have been a mother, will I be a mom?


‘Glistening’, I think, how would that be? 

Feeling about you growing inside me

I often roll my fingers over my womb

Have been a mother, will I be a mom?


To hold and touch, to chase and clutch

To stroll an...

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A little bit of her own

Yes he has hurt her

Silence will confess mutely

Whining within, it will moan

For its, little bit of her own


“Unchecked and not-replied texts”

She educated them on his habits

Wiped briny drops; wouldn’t be shown

 Restive is little bit of her own


Deafened soul recalls the flashes

Of their frolicking oneness

Zipped them; faking smiles put on

Fidgeting with l...

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Time Zones


I am in east of future

He is in west of past

Far across the distance

Something still connects us

Time zones changed


© Juhi Gupte

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The boy I met , the man I love

“Knees go weak or my heart pounds”
This never happens when he is around
Fingers don’t tremble but smile gets a curve
For the boy I met, the man I love
Stylishly shoves the door and enters the room
Weaves dream- threads on the thought-loom
Freezes me as he raises right brow
that boy I met, the man I love
Hands in hands, on those busy streets
Owned me in his humo...

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But not for you


Awake at an ungodly hour

Set to confront

Surreal and factual

Ways yet inept

There’s too much on plate

To be taken care of

Yeah!  I am at odds

But not for you


Drained in the drizzles

Of first rains of the season

Peacock blue kurta is drenched

For a reason

Not that those wounds are gone

Breezes be the beacon

Yeah! I am sun-dried

But dew-soaked w...

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A vintage story


Well, it’s been a sorted mess

At times in the limelight;

In dark at the backstage

Bound to happen I guess

In a relationship so vintage


Quest started by following

Stars on a cloudless night

Someone made a dreary device

Traced rains on one fine evening

Then observed next day’s bright


Finicky and Frantic, wasn’t he?

Sleepless night owl so deadly

I be...

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Flute and the Cross



Descends amidst the catastrophe

Prefers the straw over thrones

Tends the grazing cattle

Frolics that “dark-skinned”

With the street urchins

Aiming stones at the earthen pots

“Trades of milk”; he aptly defies

First feed kids in the countryside

Heals the wounds with peacock feather

Melts over pounded rice of the poor

Colours all in tunes of oneness

Of his s...

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Easter Collage Poempoem


Worldly rules are rude
Ah! Here, ends my role
Let someone tell the sea
I am leaving her shore

Wounded waves are withering
Though can’t change the course
Devout depth is abyss,
She won't stop me anymore

I adored embracing
Her shades of alluring azure
Drench in briny breezes, now
Swayed by amber to endure

More edgy of promises made
She wasn’t afraid of lies
Beneath wreckage of st...

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In Limbo


Thought of texting you

And share entirety

Even and odd

Stored in self-shelf

To soothe its wounds and cuts

Asking your commitment

And its validity

Handful “ifs” and worried “buts”

Fueling my anxiety


Abbreviated connotations

Of “goodnight” and “take care”

Emoticons against

Clenched flare

Cheery “whats up”

was answered in snubbed “nothing”

Seems ...

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poem love

Genese Within

Diving in deep
Escaping the estuary
She leaned
On the littoral
Wiping off persona
with the towel of horizon
In the sacred sands

Reflection of her
Pulsating in
Salinity of the Sea
Entangled raven hair-locks
Murmuring moist lips
Bosom hooked in shells
And scaled turquoise tail

Words of wisdom
Learned in the
Kingdom of Marines
Safe from sharks
Familiar fins and gills
Shall not ...

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When without you

When without you;

Scrolling; I kiss your display pictures

Seems it has become a ritual

Browsing through the reveries

Once you gave me that key-holder

I caress it as if an amulet

Just sipped-in something bitter

Navigating you inside somewhere


Can sense those flashes

Of amorousness

Arms holding me from behind

Every part of me getting unwind

Fingers flickering...

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What I am not

Painting Present
Begetting future
Unafraid of
Wanton winds
Charcoaling my name
on blues
I scrawl myself
Books and Bikes
Songs and snaps
Love to do’s
Aims and Ambitions
Beguiling goals
Undaunted; those ways
I walk myself
Not I would wait
A rescue-prince
Exit the entrapment
Shouldering his lows
Celebrating vows
I give myself

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I write for HIM



Half awake

Slid the window

A fresh face

Sprayed by

Bracing breeze

Leaving on my cheeks

Sanguine Smile


Text popped up,

“This one is ‘Amazing’;

That one was awesome”

My phone laughed back

He didn’t get it

Ornamental and Obtuse

Angle of love


Must have scrolled

My poet...

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Pupils oscillated

I scrolled my phone

Pseudo smiles

Decamping to escape

From the fears unknown


Checklisted In ‘Yes’

Dotted ‘to-do’

Some not- done’s

By ‘today’, that smudged

with my Kajal


Caravan of memoirs

Quilt noticed

Tossing and turning

Along with me

Mending Mind


Grasped the pillow

Onto my bosom

Clasped & Caressed

Thinking it’...

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Traffic Semaphore

Coded in red, yellow, green

Mounted on a pillar so high

Re-painting the urban scene

Directions, displays and drivers 


Gentle lights shimmered,

enough to stop rushing mob

Equating the chances;

for everyone to throb


Speed -bumpers couldn't intervene

Mind was intra-vocal and dominant

Criss-crossing the passersby

Yet my speech was silent


Crimson halte...

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Given the senses
to see, smell, hear
taste and feel
One grows up
Embryo once;
learns to crawl
and to fall

Traits gets boned
Along with the flesh,
To cringe the eyes;
Seal the real
Terrain of the paranoid
Ears deafened to
Overlook and avoid

Odour goes foul;
In robes of pleasing egos
Ignoring the emanations
Of humanity
Touch becomes
a hidden desire
to suffice depraved ...

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Blues don’t complain

For clouds are dense

Untold desires will rain

Dousing all in consequence

For they trust the Big Star

Will rise just-in- time


Seed when soiled

Smothered in darkness

Left out to be buried

is set to shed its brown

Believing the water splash

Will life it just-in –time


Rodents lair

Insects crawl

Micro-beings breathe

Free to sur...

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Fate’s handwriting


Found a crushed paper

Beneath a lovely old book

Like one dropped by blues

Had an enigmatic look


Against questions unfathomable;

Thousand answers it opined

Penned was my name

 ‘Twas stamped as “DESTINED”!!


 I felt a connect,

And flipped a corner,

Bold chevron lines read,

“Seed and then garner”


Ink fluttered to allude

Loud and clear message;


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"Today”, introduced us

 She greeted in zealous voice

 I shook hands too;

 Keeping at my poise


Innate was her halo

I unzipped my rucksack

Hers’ was unexplored story

Mine was a setback


Grief is beyond abyss

I can’t prune in verve

She shuddered me & said

“Ah!! You never had the nerve”


Novice and yet-to-come

She had sheath of my wisdom

While I s...

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He too had a dark side

Knocked at my window

He mumbled; drove me out

Gleaming that evening was;

No one ever knew about


Quiet for a while, we stared

His “warmth” asked my plight

‘Dragged those stubborn rays; or

Faced some restless light?’


Blamed him for his betrayal

I sighed, nodded & replied;

“mine isn’t luminous like yours,

life is dull and deprived”


Ah! Borrowed is my...

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Unsaid you, Unheard Me

Look its cloudy, its rain!!
Wish this drops could see
Our footsie on that bench
Sea-shore is waiting for....
The unsaid you, the unheard me

Ice were that hugs
Or u embraced me really?
Togetherness in the crowd
From that space, erased are we??
Lonely road is searching for...
The unsaid you, the unheard me

U moved on so early
Or Too much!! I held on?
Guess, Love left us!!
Life is...

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love longing distance




Her eyes were stern

For each wrong I did

Whenever my wants hiked

Her wish-list got buried

Eternal place was her womb

Out I am in a far-off land

That lap is a "Silhouette"


Abided by values; he taught

What life ought to earn

Those spectacles scolded me

For "habits" had to learn

Desk is clean; though silent

Newspaper is lying unfolded

Chair re...

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Ever since I met him


I dreamt of a place to wander

A far off isle in the south

Days & nights naively ponder

Ever since I met him...


Soul drenched in reveries

Though sands were never mine

He walked some other hands

Ever since I met him…


I should have known his love

It was of time being kind

Gulping venom of a dove

Ever since I met him...


Neither did anyone glean


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Greet, share and care
One and all coming your way
Be it the dimmest night 
Hence in the normal ray

Often, billows will hunt 
through the cunning woods
Invite 'unmoved" to confront
Heavens test in swinging moods

Then spring will come in vanity
Rambling your perseverance 
Spectral its shades of sanctity
In whiff of your fragrance

Bloom may betray,its evanescent
Hay will s...

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