A Quiet Night At The Telescope

It's a quiet night

a quiet night at the telescope

an eye on things

all that's unfolded, all that is done


The moment shivers

as December's knifing breath sinks deep

and weather's long sigh

the only sound in all this silence


The whole sky 

looks straight into my eye

The whole of space 

has it's magnifying glass to my eye

searching for something


I’m searching for something...


It's a quiet night

a quiet night in the upstairs room

mind unraveling so many strands

stunted conversations, stemmed proposals


Swedish altercations, floating hotels

drinking art in, drinking drink in

the crumbling cars, the selling on

from here to Sheffield, here to Corfu

a taste of sun-soaked island living

then sunsets, city struggles, sickening situations

divided selves, losing friends, working on the special ones

and weddings, weddings!

(the family tree is blossoming)

Festivals again, and evenings in (love)

the smiles and sleepless nights, the offices

and extra pounds around the belly

the changing shape of living

All noted down, lassoed in snap-shots, in cloud-saved words

it's business as usual

it's up and down, back and fourth

learning, forgetting, discovering

It's business as usual...


The room is barren, and then it blooms

a light from somewhere else

that undulating world outside

alive and unpredictable


The white noise calmed again

it's a quiet night

at the telescope

you push through the door

settle beside me with a cup of tea

smiling so sweetly


You are truly something...


(Dec, 2012)


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Thu 25th Jul 2019 15:57

I'd forgotten all about this one. I don't get very many quiet nights at the telescope these days, I can tell ya.

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Martin Elder

Thu 17th Dec 2015 17:16

This is great Tom the words say it all ' lassoed in snapshot'

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