this will be a re-run

it’ll be the comfort of the saturday afternoons of your childhood
sat in front of the TV with bread and dripping
watching John Wayne set the world to rights with a gun
it’ll be Kenneth More on tin legs reaching for the sky
with a re-mix of stirring music Vaughan Williams would kill for
it’ll be a tearjerker in the final reel
where you know the hero’s going to die
but his girl will remember him forever
it’ll be you me us being the good guy
rescuing the damsel
putting the planet back on its axis
making sure all is well with the world
popping down the pub for a half a bitter
and a sing song
saving blighty for another day
it’ll be black and white
it’ll be clarity
it’ll be mom dad fido eternal happiness
everything you could want for a shilling
cowboys and indians
bang bang you’re dead
but just till tea-time
beans on toast and final score
the magic of the FA Cup
granddad checking the pools
shaken and not stirred
it’ll be bombing Syria by the end of the week
it’ll be nothing like Libya
it’ll be don’t mention Afghanistan
it’ll be Iraq again
like we did last summer
it’ll be fiction
it’ll be make-believe
it’ll be tears before bedtime
it’ll be bombs not strategy
it’ll be innocent victims
it’ll be refugees
it’ll be bombs bombs bombs
not strategy
it’ll be black and white
it’ll be clarity
it’ll be mom dad fido eternal happiness
it’ll be Kenneth More weeping
into his pillow

this will be a re-run.

© Steve Pottinger 01 Dec 2015


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steve pottinger

Thu 3rd Dec 2015 10:28

Thanks, Ian. I'm glad it worked for you.

All the best.

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 2nd Dec 2015 19:04

excellent 'turn' in the middle of this one Steve - totally throws you off kilter - and then the light comes on and you 'get it'.
Really enjoyed this

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steve pottinger

Wed 2nd Dec 2015 14:55

Thank you, Daniel. I'm glad to hear the poem worked on both those levels for you. I may well be giving it a run-out tonight or tomorrow to see how it works with an audience...

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Ged the Poet

Wed 2nd Dec 2015 12:48

In respect of 'Facepest' a friend shared/re-posted your poem 'This will be a re-run' before I saw it here. I have to say it is a most appropriate piece of work which tugged at my heartstings and oozed nostalgia. It then left me with that big personal fight with social conciousness. Superb!

Would love to hear you perform this. Nice one.

Profile image

steve pottinger

Wed 2nd Dec 2015 08:32

Thanks, Martin. :-)

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Martin Elder

Tue 1st Dec 2015 21:49

I like the memories in this one Steve together with the excellent rhythm you have built up with the flow of words.

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