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we live alone

We live alone.

We die alone.

It is the natural state of things.

There is no need to fret about it.

Those seemingly close, will see out our end.

When we die it is with no regrets

Our life force extinguished.

We need to have lived out our life,

To the full, to the brim,

From our central hearts core.

Nothing is more important, nothing more !!


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Once we were the dirty foreigners

Reaching for support

Smashed by war, people indifferent,

looking the other way

Betrayed by nations, hindering not helping

Exploited by the scum of the earth

Yes, once we were those dirty foreigners


In the name of no religion

Pray for us

Pray for the senseless killing in Paris

for the barbarous killing in Beirut

for the slaught...

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christmas salutation


I hate speed

Licence to kill, not a thrill

There is no need,  for any kind of speed

Wanker Bankers thrive on it

Arrogant tossers delight in it

Put them on a treadmill to charge batteries

Take away their car keys for life

Coppers should set an example

Instead of speeding at every opportunity

One law for them, another for the lower orders

Cars are murderous machines


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singing the same old song

Singing the same old song,      We get by, we get along,     Not too many quarrels,        Gotta keep the peace,      Sometimes wishing for a war,       It would be a relief.      This dull life,     dogs dinner of a day,      What to do to make the blues wash away This must be what any murderers are thinking,        No beer for the drinking,         No pot for the smoking,    No religion for the ...

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Poets Good and Bad

entry picture

Some Poets and Artists

Are good at their craft

but lack humility and humanity

Some politicians are crafty

but are monsters of egoism

and never keep their promises

Who is to assess who is good or bad

Who out there can play God

Everybody has moments of brilliance

Everybody can be a hero,

not a zero

Some advance themselves

at the expense of others

Some socialis...

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Some people have it, some don't

Wisdom is ageless

Some people have it

Some don't

Learn to listen 

capturing the wisdom around you

Learn to respect

those that have it

Some don't get it

Others do

Some live their whole lives

in their own stew

without a clue



Just because you are

old and grumpy

doesn't mean you

don't have it

whatever IT means

Just becaus...

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lets go fracking

Lets go fracking

Fracking here, Fracking there,

these frackers are fracking everywhere.

Wherever you look, frackers have took.

No Small is Beautiful for them

But big and Bullshitty.

No room for real people, real mem,

but Banksters and Selservatives,

thet's what we call these fracking conservatives,

with their tools the policemen 

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dear arsehole

Dear Arsehole

Dear arsehole, you holy mother of shit,

I'm up your creek without a paddle,

I've had my head up there a few times,

Holy arsehole, I love you,

All hail dear arsehole, all hail holy arsehole, all hail dear arsehole

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Mr Putin

Now see here Mr Putin, or should we call you Rasputin,

I'm not disputin with you Mr Putin, or you'll take me over,

Next stop Moldova.

But I'm spittin, when I hear Putin

I'm spittin when I hear Putin.

Killin people in Crimea, Georgia,

Supplying arms to Syria,

Where do you get off Mr Putin,

Mr Hard Man Putin.

You pussy riot jailer,

with the hide of a whaler.

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