Tom doesn't give a shit

I have anger issues but i don't hate 

Id rather have takes away and stay up late 


My diary isn't full of plans and things to do

It's a blank page of spontaneity not remembering the what, why, where's or who 


I do random acts and I challenge those around me 

Not sit in the corner and pretend to be a lady 


I've ditched the heels for boots, the trousers for leggings ... Over size tops and live in my joggings


I don't brush my hair or have a spa day 

I choose a hairband and non branded make up... A hat to hide away 


Tattoos and weird piercings not pencil skirts and fancy earrings 


I don't follow the norm ... I don't choose to fit in... I'm not a stepford wife I'm living my life! 


Showing my children it's ok to be different... Wear odd socks... Style ur hair as you like .... Choose to be different not follow the rules ... One life and I'll live it... That's what I choose! 

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