Football was fun and something to not flunk                              

before school, recess and lunch, we were clowns                      

we played even if in the mud our Chuck’s sunk                          

I can’t consume their commercial spunk                                      

between the fake-war-field kicks and downs                               

they want us eating and drinking junk                                        

between the games’ roaring smiles and frowns                         

that dream-show will no longer keep me down                          

my light comes from some elders and self esteem

I need not keep up with the Joneses’ bought gleam                  

not Ed Too Tall or the rest of the team                                         

but the ones who own all of it and us                                       

the ones who profit on blood and pus

the ones with wealth who don’t work at all                                

unless it’s by email or phone call                                              

the few owning the stadiums and the halls                                      

all kids start playing to fulfill their dreams                                           

playing between the coaches' anxious screams

the best get handed off clean

to the next coach or A.D.

few can plan their own career schemes

a Human sacrifice it seems

I’ll start watching again

when the players co-op the teams

◄ Chant Down the common enemy

It's all practice ►



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Kevin Norrest

Thu 18th Jan 2018 09:15

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