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In a war with religion

Some people say long ago god came to earth.

Some people say long ago it was the son that he birth.

Some people say long ago a lot of things happened.

I wasn't there and neither were they, but scriptures were written.

So many Gods to chose from and so many religions.

They're all so different and yet really the same.

They all praise a deity though with a different name.

The rule...

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remembering love

I still remember the first time we made love,

It was simple and easy, with your weight above.

I remember expecting pain and feeling none,

I remember biting my lip when we were done.

It was so long ago, half a decade gone by,

But it still keeps me warm when you're not by my side.

Perhaps it's wrong I know I ought to move on,

But how do you stop an oncoming storm.

I still wis...

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love lostlove makingheartbreakbreakup

hollow inside

Always I think of you,

I don't know why I do.

It opens doors I cannot close,

I feel adrift in the chaos.

Each time I look inside of me,

Searching for something to hold to my heart.

A memory of pain or fight or slight,

So I can say it's good we're apart.

 I find nothing, there is nothing to find

You were good to me, you treated me right.

I'm lost and lonely I now need ...

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Love lostHeartbreakbreakup

This time there was snot.

I am blessed with loving family and friends,
Who've given me things like memories and teddy bears.
They've also given things to be enjoyed for a time,
Like pretty flowers and chocolates divine....

But none of them have ever given me that which my dog did,
A dead rat and a coughing fit.
She dropped the prize at my feet, I bent down to study it,
And she licked my face, oh s...

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poetrydogfunnydead ratgifts

religion or a witches spell

How can something strong be so frail?

How can something beautiful start to pale?

why does forever not last forever?

what do i do to find me a prayer?


I chose for love not cast or creed,

I chose a man who made me feel freed.

Religion turned our parents, they turned on us,

I turned on him, he turned on me.


I am caged again, my wings clipped again,

Nothing but rel...

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message to a raped friend

Dignity is not in the vagina,

It's in who you are and what you've become,

Its in the memories made and those yet to come,

It's in every decision you're proud of,

And even in those you want to unmake,

In every smile and every kiss,

In every tear and angry hiss,

In promises kept and promises broken,

In every word you've ever spoken,

In how much you love yourself,

And ev...

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your electric touch

I lay in your bed, in a state of undress

I wait for you to take off the rest,

My heart beats faster, pulse throbbing with desire,

I'm shy and nervous, my body's on fire,

With passion in my blood,

I see red forget the world,

It all falls away, even the sky the earth,

All that remains is your electric touch,

Soft as a feather a kiss upon my lips,

A kiss upon my sole, awake...

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desireelectric touchpassionsex

a veiled curse

By the powers of fire and earth unto me.

I curse thee said nature.

I curse thee, you angered me.

Feel the fire of hell in your bones.

Feel the scream of a thousand condemned souls.

Feel the bloody battle field of world war two.

Feel it, like it were you.

Every month for days 4

You, shall feel your Blood pour

Eek your strength.

And bring you pain.

Every month for da...

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dear dad

I love you, I do,
Respect you I don't, 
I've tried, I've tried it saddens my heart
But your smoke and your words of alcohol..
It cannot be helped I see it now, you'll always be the father I loved somehow

To my father his family come second to none
But it did to your vices, we came undone
I blame you I do for not trying to change,
For not loving us enough to really try to change
For the ...

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father alcohol smoking love justification cigarett

something i must hide

Breasts are something to be ashamed of, something to hide,
Yet something that a kid will suck on just to stay alive!
Something everyone once depended on once in their life
Yet something evil, something I must hide
A man's nipples are useless and yet just fine
The woman's are lewd tho to a hungry baby divine

To wear one layer of clothing!
A sin God forbid despite the sweltering heat
The s...

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gilded cages

Gilded cages are not for me,

I want my freedom, I want to breathe,

Love a man no matter the cast of creed.

Masks and facades are not for me,

I am who I am and will always be,

No one can dictate to me my needs,

To hide my desires is not in me.

To make love to a man before wearing a ring.

Papers and contracts are not for me,

I am a woman not an object to be traded,

No p...

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